Best Wordle Starting Word: Easily Step-Up Your Game

Best Wordle Starting Word: Easily Step-Up Your Game

To stay up with the popular puzzle game, every serious player requires the best Wordle starting word. From language research to pattern analysis, much consideration goes into which words are technically and scientifically the best to start with.

Wordle is diverting everyone in 2022; with nearly infinite varieties and permutations, the Wordle formula is already a classic. Like every great puzzler, Wordle is as simple as it is gorgeous. Yes, it might be irritating at times, but the pleasant brain chemicals released by Wordle keep us coming back the following day. With this helpful guide to the greatest starting words, we’ll show you how to win Wordle daily.

When it comes to addressing each daily challenge, certain words just show the letters you require better than others. Prepare to memorize Wordle’s greatest starting words.

How Should We Consider Wordle’s Starting Word Strategies?

Let us first consider this as a whole. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. Vowels are the basic building blocks for most words; there are five (plus the letter “Y” at times). So, at the most basic level, every five-letter combination that lets you rule out more vowels early will narrow the universe of viable replies.

With that basic fact in mind, we can quickly select a few suitable starting words. Others exist, but ADIEU, AUDIO, and OUIJA each cover four vowels. You won’t know if any yellow or green letters occur twice, for example, if the answer is “sweet” or “radar,” but you can rule out several key characters immediately.

Most folks will be satisfied with that. Starting with vowel heavy words will always give you an advantage with Wordle’s puzzle-solving. However, it is not simple because not all letters are created equal. Yes, vowels exist in almost every word, although some are more prevalent than others. The same is true for consonants.

The Wordle dictionary is also available. There are more than 10,000 words that the game will identify as permitted guesses, but only a few thousand terms qualify as viable solutions. The New York Times even reduced that answer list after acquiring Wordle. So, while you could try a more esoteric term like AUREI as a guess, it won’t be the answer for the day.

If going vowel-heavy isn’t enough and you want to include some of the more frequent consonants, RAISE is a great place to start because it includes the three most common vowels and the two most common consonants as they occur in dictionaries.

What are The Most Effective Wordle Start Words?

What are The Most Effective Wordle Start Words?

Several individuals have tried using math to find the best Wordle start words. Tyler Glaiel(opens in new tab), a programmer and game designer, was one of them. He awarded each letter in Wordle’s 12,972 potential guesses a score of 0, 1, or 2, depending on whether it is included in one of the 2,309 solutions or not and if it is in the correct spot.

The system found that the best beginning selections after reviewing all 12,972 words are:

  • SOARE 
  • ROATE 

Glaiel finds that ROATE is the greatest Wordle start word if you wish to rule out alternative replies as fast as possible for reasons that are too complex to go into here. However, because ROATE does not appear in Wordle’s list of viable answers, you will never earn a 1/6 with it. As a result, Glaiel suggests beginning with RAISE.

Bertrand Fan, a programmer, followed a similar method (opens in new tab) and came up with a very similar list:


Given that the top three do not appear in Wordle’s list of possible replies, STARE is the statistically best Wordle start word, at least according to Fan’s study. Stare was the term we chose months ago without seeing the study, so that’s the one we’d go with.

That selection was based on logic; after all, S is the most common first letter among Wordle replies, A is the most common third letter, and E is the most common fifth letter. Meanwhile, T and R are the two most prevalent consonants in the game. So there you have it – according to us, the finest Wordle start word is STARE.

A pair of MIT researchers(opens in new tab) prefer SALET (a light medieval helmet). This also offers you five of the top ten letters, but we prefer STARE since R is the third-most-used letter and L is the sixth-most-used. A viable alternative.

Best Wordle Starting Word: Use Linguistics To Guess

Wordle fan favorites include ‘adieu’ and ‘around,’ which need at least three vowels. Canoe and audio are more prevalent, so they are safe options, and it’s always a good initial guess to see what vowels you’ll be dealing with throughout the problem. You can also use the following words:

  • Ouija
  • Equal
  • Queue

However, linguistic science allows you to adopt a somewhat different method. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. However, not all of them appear evenly in the English language. For example, the letter ‘E’ is more frequent than the ‘A.’

You have a better chance of discovering a couple of the day’s letters if you utilize terms like slice or ‘crane’ rather than jumbo.’ Entering letter frequency is a strategy cryptographers use when attempting to crack basic codes, and they’ve kindly published their findings on letter frequencies in the English language.

You may delve further into language strategies – evidently, linguistic academics like Wordle just as much as the rest of us. Some amazing words will increase your chances of a speedy victory or at least a higher chance of success.

According to postdoctoral student David Sidhu(opens in new tab),’ samey’ is one of the greatest adjectives to use. It comprises letters that not only appear often in English words but also appear in the proper positions. For example, the letter ‘Y’ is usually found near the end of five-letter words.

What Not To Do With Best Wordle Starting Word?

What Not To Do With Best Wordle Starting Word?

If you want effective initial efforts, you should refrain from utilizing duplicate letters in your early guesses. The sooner you can find letters in the solution and rule out those that aren’t, the faster you’ll get the correct answer. 

Also, only utilize greyed-out letters; if you know a letter isn’t in the day’s answer, keep it far away from your estimate. It’s just a matter of time before your Wordle game levels up now that you know the greatest starting words.

Remember to have fun while playing Wordle

Of course, these best Wordle starting word suggestions are not binding. When it comes down to it, Wordle is a game that you should like. There’s no need to keep to a word routine for every game if you don’t want to.

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