11 Best Options To Consider When Looking for An App Like life360

App Like life360
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Many people tend to look for an app like life360. This is because the facility provided by life360 is genuinely intriguing to reckon with. It helps to track people in real time, making it very convenient for anyone looking for this feature at large.

Smartphones have, over the years, changed our lives for the better. Now we can accomplish many things which we weren’t capable of before. One of those things is to track a person. 

We all have certain people we adore in our lives. Such people mean the world to us. You might also have some of these types of people in your life. It might be your family members or your partner, or just a normal friend at large. 

Previously keeping track of their well-being or their exact location was troublesome. It might be that you are an anxious parent looking for your child. Or it might be that you are waiting for your partner in during late hours. Whatever the situation, life360 is there to provide you with the best solutions in this case. Few apps are capable of providing this future. Fortunately for you, we have collected the names of those alternatives.

Hence in this article, we shall figure out the different alternative app like life360. Read on to know about this with clarity.

How do these apps work?

How do these apps work?
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People look for an app like life360 mainly because it helps to keep track of others. Now skeptics might wonder exactly how is that possible in the first place. So let us then discuss this aspect here.

What happens, in this case, is that GPS or global positioning system technology is used. There is a sensor placed properly in this case. With the help of the sensor, people can keep track of their near ones. 

It must be mentioned here that the sensor must work properly. It is imperative to provide the right results in the long run so that there are no complications to reckon with.

Having figured out the technology behind these apps or the process through with they work,

Let us then now move on to discuss the different alternative apps out there.

1. Famishare


Wondershare brand brings this app. It is by far the best-known alternative of life360 to reckon with. Countless people tend to rely on this with precision. You can get all of the details concerning the location of the target in this case.

You might also go on to block certain types of apps from the target’s phone. This particularly is helpful for parents who might want to protect their children from certain unwanted dangers out there. Privacy and safety are widely connected and this app understands this aspect well.

The pricing is affordable at about 60 dollars yearly. So anxious parents must consider this for the proper welfare of their children in the long run.

2. Glympse


The entire process of operating it is rather easy. All you have to do is send a link to the target at large. Once they open it, you can easily track their location and data with precision. However, the process needs to be executed precisely.

The best feature, in this case, is that you do not need to install an app on the target’s phone. The entire process can be streamlined in the following manner.

4. Google Maps

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Usually, this is used mainly for navigation purposes but you can widely use it for tracking anyone as well. What makes Google Maps very interesting is that all of the locations are minutely cataloged with due diligence. There is no hassle involved for the concerned people at all.

Moreover, the user interface here is rather easy to reckon with. So anyone willing to use it can do so without the involvement of any hesitation.

5. Followme

The app needs to be installed on the target’s phone. Then everything can be arranged with due diligence. What is most intriguing about it is that there are no additional irritating advertisements to reckon with. Hence many people tend to use this one for tracking people. Consent is however very important here.

6. Family Locator

Family Locator

As the name suggests this is best suited for a set of family members. You will be notified when someone reaches a place, you can keep track of where one particular individual in your family is, and so on.

An interesting aspect of this app is the provision of a safe zone. If anyone moves beyond that safe zone, then everyone else will get a notification for that.

The premium version has extra features like unlimited alerts. You can opt for it if you want.

7. Family360

Family Locator
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There are no annoying texts needed anymore. Just take the consent of the one you wish to track and proceed with this app. You can customize settings as per your choice. So in a closely connected family setting, this genuinely helps a lot of people.

8. Zenly


What makes this app unique is that you can know certain minor details about the ones you are tracking. This might include their speed of travel or their overall battery percentage and so on. Hence if you are interested in such minor details, then you must consider this app with precision.

9. Pathshare

For those who want to track their children without them knowing, this is the best option out there. Often parents need to take extreme measures for the welfare of their children. This app particularly makes scope for that.

10. GeoZilla


With the help of these, you can track your loved ones privately. There are no complications involved at all. There is also the availability of a driver safety feature in this case.

11. Find360


The unique aspect of this app is that you will gain access to the unlimited location history of the person you are tracking. Hence this becomes an intriguing proposition in the long run.


Smartphones are a blessing to modern life. There are many apps like life360 which ensure the safety of people by tracking their location and more. We explored those options here.

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