A Comparative Analysis of Nox Vs Bluestacks to Reckon With

Nox Vs Bluestacks
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There are some techies around us who prefer to use android apps on their PC and for that, they need to know about emulators and their features by analyzing Nox vs Bluestacks. It is not always possible to work on smartphones. Even many people are not comfortable with it, to begin with. The only possible option they have is to use android emulators so that they can use these apps on their PC.

Millions of people around the world are more comfortable working on their PC at large. That is why they try to use android emulators to access the different apps they need on their PC. We cannot do without technology in this age. So it is imperative to use it in whichever format we feel comfortable in. The end result should benefit us and that is important at large.

Why android emulators?

Why android emulators?
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The android emulators can streamline a lot of tasks for users by helping them access apps on their respective personal computers. This ensures that people do not have to move beyond their comfort zone. Often it happens that people are most productive within their comfort zone, in this case working on a PC. 

So by helping to create a bridge between phones and computers, android emulators serve a very important purpose at large. Countless people tend to use this precisely for this reason. In the long run, productivity is enhanced without many complications. The entire process is very easy in terms of using the android emulators. So anyone can proceed to use this whenever they need. 

Most importantly it is done for free. So users will have no additional cost to reckon with in this case. Such a proposition seems interesting to many people at large. Therefore, they tend to opt for this in large numbers. 

Moreover, you need not only work with these emulators. If you wish you can play different games with it as well. The possibilities open to you through android emulators are endless to reckon with.

Types of android emulators

Why android emulators?
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There are many types of android emulators out there. Each has its own different set of intriguing features to reckon with. Two among those emulators, Nox and Bluestack are by far the most popular. Hence it is very important to understand Nox vs bluestacks at large without much delay to properly take decisions in the long run. Here we shall help you, particularly in that direction.


It originated back in the year 2011. As the name suggests, Bluestack is the company behind it. The speed factor is simply intriguing here to reckon with. You can enjoy apps at more than 6 times the original speed. Now there are many gamers around us these days. They need the optimal amount of speed to succeed in games of different kinds. That is provided here at large.

Especially if users are diligent gamers of “clash of clans” “PUBG” or “Grand Theft Auto”, then they can surely use Bluestack for their needs.


The Nox company maintains it as the name suggests. What is most intriguing about it is that most of the apps here are installed from the beginning. So users have no complications whatsoever. Since most of the games are readily available here so users can simply dive on to play them as soon as they want to.

There is a rooted version of Android as well. Hence you can easily get an unlocked player with full access to multiple aspects.

System requirements

While Bluestack can work on Windows 7,8,8.1,10 and Mac, Nox works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,8, 8.1, 10. OSX-10.8+. 

Both of these need multi-core CPUs so that they can operate properly. 

A minimum of 2GB of RAM and 4GB of Hard drive space is imperative for Bluestack while for Nox it is 1.5 GB of RAM and 3GB of storage. 

Nox supports OpenGL 2.0 or above at large while for Bluestack you must have a computer with a service pack 2 or higher.

Gaming matters

Bluestacks is best known for its graphical aspects. It has to be remembered that a game can be played in the best possible manner only when the graphics are great. So by providing this facility, it is most appealing to gamers. All of the high-graphics games should be hence prioritized here. However, you must have a PC that can support all these graphics at large.

Nox on the other hand can handle FPS games perfectly. This is what makes it so much appealing, to begin with. However, another thing that makes it so much popular is the customization aspects that it provides which are not available elsewhere.

Features to reckon with

Features to reckon with
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  • The gaming mode is enhanced.
  • Auto lock-up is imminent here.
  • Easily change device profiles.
  • The entire use process is convenient. 
  • You can even record with diligence.
  • There is a clearance facility available if storage becomes an issue.


  • Smart keyboard controls are available here.
  • You can handle multiple instances together.
  • You can even record certain types of operations to use in the future.
  • There is a brilliant visualization technique to reckon with.


Gaming performance matters a lot. If gamers cannot focus on performance then the whole game can go to waste. Fortunately, both Nox and Bluestacks offer brilliant features but in terms of performance, Bluestacks is better for most gamers.

User interface

In terms of the user interface, Bluestacks is better for those who are already much experienced in this case. It can provide them with a lot of features. Nox on the other hand has such a user interface that is best suited for novice users, thereby making itself appealing to countless new gamers.


Bluestacks has not yet been susceptible to an attack while Nox was recently attacked by a hacker group at large.

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Android emulators like Nox and Bluestacks are thus understood to be of seminal importance to people, especially gamers. Here we explored a comparative analysis of two of these emulators. Bluestacks is ahead in most of the counts. People can however read it and then decide which one suits their needs the most. 

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