Why is xResolver Popular Among Gamers?

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If you are a tech-savvy person, you must have come across the term xResolver, right? Well, it is a database or website that stores publicly available information regarding gamers’ IP addresses and their relationship with Gamertags and online profiles. So in other words, it stores the IP addresses of online gamers. Do you know how they get these addresses? Well, they get them from the usernames of the players.

The X in the name of this online database represents the Xbox console. But do not worry as it will be compatible with other gaming consoles. Therefore, you can also call it a PlayStation resolver and Xbox resolver. Now let us delve deeper into some of the significant aspects of xResolver. Stay tuned to learn more about xResolver and how you can use it for your own benefit. Let us find out!

What is xResolver?

What Is It?
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Many of you who are pro gamers, probably already know what xResolver is. However, if you do not know what it is, let us share all the details with you. As we said earlier, xResolver is defined as the online service that records the Gamertags and IP addresses of various gaming platforms. They include Xbox, Playstation, and PC players. 

However, do you know for what specific reason has it been designed? Well, it is mainly to keep the username and Gamertag secure from hackers online. In fact, the primary goal of xResolver is to carry conversations of Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses. 

Moreover, for carrying out these functions, xResolver includes an Xbox resolver. In fact, it makes use of bots for scraping data. Furthermore, this data also consists of the username of the Xbox player, ISP address, and IP address. By now, you must have got an idea regarding why gamers prefer using xResolver. Let us now look into the details regarding the working of xResolver.

What Does xResolver Do?

What Does xResolver Do?
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Now the most important question comes, how you are going to make use of an xResolver. Well, as you know it is a database or website that stores the public information of gamers. As per the sources, xResolver allows interested parties to access private information. In fact, it ties your online identity to your physical connection.

So from this point onwards, this xResolver user can target you in lots of ways. In fact, it also includes DDOS or distributed denial-of-service attacks. For instance, we can say that you beat a player badly in a competitive game of “League of Legends.” 

Here the particular player becomes angry and wants to take revenge. Now they would go to xResolver.com and type in their Gamertag/PSN ID. After that, they will obtain your IP address and target your internet connection to slow you down. Now let us move over to the features of xResolver.

Some Important Features of This

Some Important Features Of This
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By now, you must have got an idea regarding the working of an xResolver. Well, the name itself suggests that it resolves something. Let us now look into the important features down below:

1. Identification of Geo Location

As the point suggests, xResolver lets you identify the geographical location of your opponent. In fact, its IP lookup service also lets you accomplish the task. As you know, it is one of the most important data regarding the IP address of the player. Therefore, in other words, this feature is the most fascinating one among all the others. 

2. IP Logger

Do you know how xResolver can help you out? Well, it can help you to generate customized links. So you can get their IP addresses by sending these links to people. Moreover, these links can also help you to gain information that is connected to the browser and location. They also add functionality to xResolver and helps detect if the gamers work in an incognito mode.

3. Both Gamertag Resolver & PSN Username

Needless to say, xResolver comes with an amazing set of features and functionality for Xbox along with PlayStation users. Moreover, these tools simplify extracting data related to IP addresses. However, one thing you need to remember is that you don’t need to look for bots on the internet.

In fact, here the feature of artificial intelligence that it has makes things much easier and more convenient. So you can well understand how beneficial it is for gamers. Let us look into some more interesting features.

4. Has A User-Friendly Interface & Functioning

Many of you might have a question regarding the working process of the xResolver. Well, it is pretty simple. You can identify the IP address of your opponent player within a few minutes. Furthermore, finding Gamertag is also pretty simple. So why not try using it?

5. Blacklisting of Personal IP Addresses

This is one of the most significant features of xResolver. Yes, it is the feature of Blacklisting that makes xResolver unique from others. As you can understand, this feature lets you hide your personal data and IP address from your opponents. Now, despite their tech-savviness, they cannot find your personal details in it.

So you need not worry about it at all. 

What Can You do If You are Listed on xResolver?

What Can You Do If You Are Listed On xResolver?
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Do you know that the xResolver website allows anyone to type in a Gamertag/PSN ID? Yes, in fact, you can see that the website already has information relating to that account’s IP address. Presently, the homepage has over 25 million accounts resolved. 

However, it is not a good thing if you are listed in their database. But you need not worry as we will discuss how you can deal with it. Always remember that being there does not mean that someone is actively trying to harm you. It just means that you played a game online with a hacker; who scraped your data and then published it.

Moreover, they also claim that target will “blacklist” your info if you pay for a premium service. In fact, you can also change your IP address to protect yourself in the future. Pretty simple, right? So follow the above suggestions to make things work!

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that xResolver has become way too popular among gamers. If you are an avid gamer, you will know why we are making this statement. Therefore, in today’s article, we have discussed some of the relevant aspects concerning xResolver. If you are curious to know more about it, you can check out the details. 

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