Top Five Ways To See Deleted Reddit Posts

Top Five Ways To See Deleted Reddit Posts

There’s nothing more disheartening than discovering a deleted comment or thread in the comments area of a Reddit post that you know had high entertainment value. But there are several ways to see deleted Reddit posts.

Isn’t it interesting to view removed Reddit posts and comments? It’s an example of the forbidden fruit effect. The moderator, who nuked the information, is saying, “I don’t want you to see this,” which, naturally, makes you want to see it more. Thankfully, “deleted” doesn’t simply obliterate. Let’s look at how to see deleted Reddit posts and topics.


See Deleted Reddit Posts-Unddit

Unddit is the handiest solution for seeing deleted Reddit discussions. It allows you to examine deleted posts and comments and color codes them to distinguish deleted information based on who removed it. Unddit will also disclose the username of the original poster of the remark.

It is simple to use Unddit. Go to and drag the red Unddit button to your favorites bar. Now, open the deleted Reddit thread you want to look at, and once the page has fully loaded, click on the Unddit bookmark from the bar.

You may also replace “Reddit” in the thread URL with “unddit,” which will send you to the identical Unddit web page. Unddit pulls the data from the Pushshift archive and shows it in an old Reddit-like UI. Since 2015, Pushshift has been preserving Reddit data as a social media data collecting and tracking tool.

Unddit, as previously stated, employs a red-blue color scheme to distinguish between user deleted and moderator-removed comments. It emphasizes user-deleted comments in blue, while subreddit moderator-removed comments are shown in red.

If you want to see all of a post’s removed comments, you’ll have to wait as Unddit loads the data. However, there is a simple way to view a specific comment in a thread. Unddit will only collect and load the deleted comment thread if you supply the exact URL.



When you visit, you’ll discover a single text field where you may input the username, subreddit name, or link to the topic. On providing a subreddit name, Reveddit will reveal all the deleted threads and comments written under that subreddit. You may then browse through the results to locate anything that catches your attention or search for what you want using additional search options.

You may enter URLs for posts and particular threads, much like Reddit. You may replace “Reddit” in the thread URL with “reveddit” to view removed material. Users are not shown on Reveddit. You can only see comments released by the subreddit’s administrator.



Resavr is not the ideal website to search for deleted Reddit material, as it doesn’t enable you to view erased posts. It’s a website dedicated only to examining deleted Reddit comments. Another issue is that you need help searching for a specific thread using its link to view the deleted remark you’re looking for.

The interface is pretty straightforward. It lists recently removed Reddit comments and is an excellent website for individuals who want to waste time reading deleted comments. However, it links back to the original deleted Reddit topic, so you can read the post to understand the thread’s context.

The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine, often known as the Internet Archive, archives the entire internet, including Reddit. If the tools above fail to display the deleted text, you can visit the Wayback Machine, hoping it has preserved the comment you want to view.

To begin, go to and type in the URL of the Reddit post you wish to see. Take care to sanitize the URL by eliminating trailing, superfluous HTTP arguments. The website will display a calendar of captured pictures. If there is a relevant snapshot, you can access the web page by clicking on the day you caught the image.

Google Cache 

Like the Wayback Machine, Google likewise crawls websites and keeps a cached version of those pages to display to the users. You may also read deleted Reddit comments and posts using Google’s cache.

The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods. Then, when you discover the post in the search engine results, click the three-dots symbol next to it. If you see a Cached option at the bottom of the modal box, it signifies that Google has a cached version of that page, and you may access it by clicking on it.

List of Tools That Are No Longer Usable

Several programs have been created throughout the years that allow you to see deleted Reddit posts and comments. Many of them, however, cease to function when the Reddit platform is changed, or the software becomes old. Among these outmoded tools are:

  • Undelete Reddit Comments: A Chrome extension that uses the extension button to save a cached version of a Reddit post locally.
  • One of the earliest websites that allowed users to recover deleted Reddit material.
  • A “parody” Reddit website that may be navigated similarly to the genuine site to view removed content.


Viewing deleted comments and posts may appear improper initially, given that you removed them for a cause. Several websites allow you to review the data and resurrect deleted Reddit discussions. It’s helpful if you retrieve an unintentionally deleted Reddit remark.

Given Reddit’s poor search tool, it’s probable that you’ve spent hours looking for a topic you read previously, only never to find it again. A user may have removed the post, or you may need to be accessing the page correctly. As a result, knowing how to navigate the Internet is critical, especially on a network like Reddit, where hundreds of new posts are posted every hour.

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