How To See What Motherboard I Have?

How To See What Motherboard I Have?

One of the most difficult things to comprehend when attempting to update your computer’s hardware is whether or not an individual component is compatible with the rest of your PC. Regarding compatibility, the specs of your motherboard are the most crucial factor to consider. So, how to see what motherboard I have?

The motherboard is a complicated collection of chips, circuits, and heat sinks that work with your computer’s more common components, such as the CPU, RAM, and graphics card, to perform whatever you need. Understanding your motherboard’s specs means understanding what sort of RAM will fit if you have PCIe 4.0 slots, if you can fit your new M.2 SSD, and what kind of fancy CPUs you can buy. Fortunately, motherboard manufacturers, retail websites, and services provide specification compatibility information.

How can you even determine which motherboard model is installed on your computer? You have various options.

How to Use Command Prompts to Check Your Motherboard?

How to Use Command Prompts to Check Your Motherboard?

Using Windows Command Prompt, you may quickly determine the model and a serial number of your motherboard. This approach is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

First, put cmd into the Start menu search field and choose the Command Prompt program. Another way to launch Command Prompt is to hit Windows + R, type cmd into the popup box, and click Enter.

It is not necessary to execute Command Prompt as administrator. Once you’ve opened your command window, you may ask Windows Management Interface Command (WMIC) to verify your motherboard’s manufacturer, model, name, and other attributes.

Simply type the following into Command Prompt to accomplish this:

wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,version,serialnumber

Remember to leave no spaces between modifiers such as product and manufacturer; instead, separate them with a comma.

Check the Model of Your Motherboard Using Windows System Information

Check the Model of Your Motherboard Using Windows System Information

Windows System Information may also supply you with information about your motherboard. This strategy, however, could be better. In our tests, it appears to be compatible with certain motherboards but fails to recognize others. If you have a compatible motherboard, this is the simplest way to check the model and manufacturer of your motherboard on Windows.

To begin, press Windows + R to launch Run. Enter msinfo32 into the Run window when it appears. The Windows System Information overview will be shown.

Next to Baseboard Manufacturer, BaseBoard Product, and BaseBoard Version, your motherboard information should be supplied. If the fields indicate that the information is not accessible, utilize one of the other motherboard verification procedures described in this article.

Checker Programs for Motherboards

There are various free solutions for checking your motherboard information if you want to utilize a program.

1. How to Use CPU-Z to Determine Your Motherboard Model

How to Use CPU-Z to Determine Your Motherboard Model

You can use CPU-Z if Command Prompt cannot collect your motherboard’s information or if you want a more detailed overview of its specs. This free program will provide a detailed breakdown of your PC’s hardware components.

The application is available for download from the CPU-Z website. When you install and run the application, it will immediately examine your components to identify them. Simply click the Mainboard option to learn more about your motherboard. You may find information on your motherboard’s manufacturer, model, chipset, and other features here.

2. Examine Your Motherboard Using Belarc Advisor

Examine Using Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is another handy tool for determining the serial number of your motherboard. The program may be downloaded for free from the Belarc Advisor website.

Belarc has the advantage of not sending your data to any web servers. Rather, once the analysis is finished, you can see the summary as a local file using your browser. Start the Belarc Advisor application to determine the sort of motherboard you have. It will do a series of scans when you allow it to run. You can select to skip certain procedures, such as the network scan. 

Belarc will open the results in a browser tab after completing the processes. The information includes your operating system, physical components, linked devices, and login sessions. To view your motherboard summary, search for the Main Circuit Board header on the right. This is where you’ll discover information on your motherboard, such as its model name, serial number, and bus clock speed.

Check Your Motherboard When You Open Your Computer

Another easy way to determine what motherboard you have is to open your computer and search for the manufacturer and model number on the motherboard itself. To assist you in locating the manufacturer’s name, below is a list of the most frequent motherboard manufacturers (in no particular order):

  • MSI
  • ASUS (or ASUSTeK)
  • Gigabyte
  • ASRock
  • Biostar
  • EVGA

If you’ve found the manufacturer’s logo on the motherboard but need to find out where the model name is, check for the motherboard’s chipset. This will be a four-digit code that begins with a letter and ends with three digits.

For example, you can see in the image above that I have a Z370 chipset motherboard (the F is part of ASUS’ product number for that motherboard). If you uncover a comparable 4-digit string of numbers, you’ve probably found the motherboard’s chipset and model number.


You could attempt other tactics to learn more about your computer’s hardware and how to leverage built-in capabilities to address any problems now that you know how to verify what motherboard you have simply. There are several methods to learn more about your computer. All you need to know is how to get started.

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