How to Change Your Riot ID Username and Tagline?

How to Change Your Riot ID Username and Tagline?

Riot Games is well-known for games like League of Legends and Valorant, which you may have played for many years. If you’ve been a gamer for a long time, your username and tagline may be unlucky, especially if you picked them as a teenager. The good news is that changing your username and tagline is simple and won’t damage your account.

Your username and Riot ID are not the same. Your username is used for logging in. However, your Riot ID is your display name in all games. Your tagline is a five-character hash that appears after your username. Because these two characteristics are combined, neither one has to be unique as long as the combination is original. As a result, there are additional alternatives for name personalization. Because your Riot ID may be changed every 30 days, you can create a new display name for each month.

What Exactly is a Tagline in Riot Games?

What Exactly is a Tagline in Riot Games?

A tagline in Valorant is a combination of letters and numbers known as a hashtag. Having a distinct display name allows you to distinguish yourself from other players who may have the same name. Furthermore, your friends will only be able to add you to it.

When you first sign up for a Riot account and enter Valorant, there is no tagline choice. You do not need to do anything to obtain the hashtag. You don’t have to use that hashtag if you have anything better in mind. Go to your account page on the Riot website and click on the Riot ID link to personalize your Riot ID.

Is It Possible To Rename and Rename Your Riot Games Character?

Unlike Roblox and other PC games, changing your username or tagline in Valorant is free. In other words, it is entirely free! Important players can select display names that other players can see.

Many individuals put a lot of thought into selecting a memorable domain name, but you’ll likely need to catch up on it or make a mistake when creating it. The system is identical to other Riot Games products like League of Legends, Runeterra, and others. Therefore modifying it is straightforward.

How Frequently May it be Changed?

You can change your Riot slogan, but a 31-day cooling-off period is still necessary. You may modify your display name or tagline once every 31 days, whichever you like. If you like your new IDs after a month, you can change them again. Remember that you may only change your username and hashtag once per month. If you don’t get a fresh joke in a month, you’ll be the punchline to your friends’ jokes for the next year.

Changing Your Riot ID and Tagline

Changing Your Riot ID and Tagline

Riot Games games employ a single account to retrieve a user’s name and tagline. As a result, if you wish to alter your gamer tag in a game like Valorant, you must modify your Riot Games account’s username.

To do so, take these steps:

  1. To sign in, go to and input your account credentials.
  2. To alter your display name and ID, go to the Riot Account Management page and edit the RIOT ID and TAGLINE sections.
  3. Finally, click Save Changes to continue.

When and How was This Functionality Introduced?

Riot Games launched VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Wild Rift in 2020, when they moved from a League of Legends publisher to a “bunch of games” publisher.

As a result, the developer’s login and account structure was completely overhauled. The developer now employs “Riot accounts” rather than unique accounts for each game. VALORANT is only one of multiple Riot games that may be played with a single account.

Riot Games games retrieve a user’s name and taglines using a single account. If you want to change your gamer tag in any of these games, such as Valorant, you must modify your Riot Games account’s username.


With Riot Games’ account dashboard, changing your gamer tag in games like Valorant has never been easier. Simply go into your Riot Games account and modify your username and ID. Did you know you can make money while playing video games? Although it may sound like fun, earning a steady income from gaming requires significant time and work.

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