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GeoGuessr Tips
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In recent times, people are looking on the internet for some useful GeoGuessr tips. GeoGuessr is becoming popular day by day and people are loving this game absolutely. However, for those who do not know, let me inform you that it is a geography game. Here you have to guess not only the countries but also the cities and streets from across the globe. Therefore, you can well understand that the game is not a light one that can be played easily. In fact, if you have played map-pointing game in your school days, then you will definitely love this game. There are many players who have found this game engaging, and interesting, but difficult to play. This is due to the fact that you need to have some knowledge about the global map. At the same time, you need to know some tricks that will make the game highly pliable to you.

Therefore, in such a scenario, beginners or newcomers to the game need some tips and suggestions. These tips will enable you to begin your search for a total score. However, you also need to know the place where your camera is at the moment. Thus, you first need to know the basics of guessing the countries. After that guessing, the cities and streets will also become possible for you. Therefore, some essential tips and suggestions are necessary. If you wish to know more about these useful tips, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know about all these useful tips for playing GeoGuessr effectively and successfully.

About GeoGuessr

About GeoGuessr
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As we already know that GeoGuessr is a game based on Geography. This game demands the players to have the ability to recognise their surroundings on a global level. It uses Google Street View for players to guess the places and the surroundings. 

You will be given a map. On it, you need to click on a place that will be around you. You will have to guess the surroundings and depending on the accuracy of your guesses, you will receive points. The range of points varies from 0 to 5000. Each game will have five rounds. This suggests that the maximum score will be 25,000 points. Therefore, this game mixes fun and education together and is a great way to develop your geographical sense and knowledge. 

Various Modes

We already know that the game will judge the players’ knowledge of their surroundings using the Google Street View. You have multiple modes of the game to choose from. These modes are: 

Battle Royale

If you wish to play the game with other players online, then go for the Battle Royale mode of the game. This mode gives you a timer and a number of lives. You need to guess your whereabouts before running out of lives or time. In this way, the game will eliminate players one by one, to find the ultimate winner.

Daily Challenge

The name of this mode itself is suggestive of its nature. You will get to play this mode once daily. Every day, an unique challenge will be there for you. Winning these challenges will enable you to unlock special elements within the game.

Country’s Streak

You can play this mode of the game either in challenge mode or by yourself. Here you will have to compete against a friend or any random person. It will offer each player a series of chances to win the game. The player with the most points will emerge as the winner.

Explorer Mode

In this mode, you will have to select one country from the map. This is a single-player game mode, where you need to guess the names of the places in the country in order to win medals.You will be able to move around the country and complete challenges in specific areas to earning gold medals. 

The Tips And Tricks 
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The Tips And Tricks 

Here goes the list of tips and tricks that will enable you to play GeoGuessr in a proper and scuccessful manner:

Leaving Out Countries With No Street View Coverage

The first step in the game is to recognise those countries which do not support Google Street View maps. This will enable you to sharpen your skills by knowing the countries without the Street View maps. 

Know The Driving Lanes 

The next useful tip here is to know the sides preferred of driving in different countries. We know that some countries have driving lanes to the right, while some use the left lanes. In Europe, all countries apart from Malta, UK, Cyprus and Ireland use the right driving lane. The same goes for all North, and South American countries and North African countries. On the other hand, most Oceanian and South Asian countries have driving lanes to the left of the roads. 

A proper understanding of the driving lanes will help you guess the streets and countries in the game effectively. 

Using Compass

On the left side of the gaming screen, you will find the compass. Then keep the sun at the centre and guess the hemispheres where you are at present. If the Sun is in the south, then you are in the northern hemisphere and if it is in the north, then you are on the southern side. 

Following Languages On Street Signs 

In the Street View mode, you will be able to see the languages on the road signs. This will enable you to understand the country you are in. 

Locating The International Symbols

Various countries have different signs for roads. European nations have a white line through the middle of the road. In this way study the symbols carefully to know perfectly about your current location.

Concluding Lines
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Concluding Lines

These are a few useful GeoGuessr tips that will enable you to play the game properly. However, as you play the game regularly, you will develop a sense that will help you win the challenges and games easily.

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