Free IPA Download Sites: The List That You Must Go Through

Free IPA Download Sites

People are searching for free IPA download sites nowadays. In fact, people are storming the internet to know about them. For those who use iPhones and iPads, IPA is not an unknown term. However, for those who do not know, let me inform you that IPA stands for iOS App Store Package.

This means that it is an archive that stores iOS applications that can be downloaded. Now, the issue with iOS applications is that we have to pay for whatever you want to use. You may argue that in the case of some applications you can use the free trial. But let me tell you that the app store has restricted their usage.

Now, if you pay for an application and then find that the application is not to your liking, then that would be a problem. If the purpose for which you are downloading the application does not get served properly then the investment would be a loss as there is no refund policy.

Herein comes the significance of free IPA sites. On these sites, you can download and test iOS applications for free. The versions of the applications that are available on these sites do not need any personal information on your part.

Thus, these sites are really useful and great. Therefore, if you wish to know about the best IPA sites which allow you to download iOS files for free, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to find a list of the top such sites. 

The List 

Here goes the list of top free IPA sites where you can download files for free:

1. vShare

IPA Download Sites-vShare

For those who are aware of these sites, let me tell you that this is a very well-known site. In fact, let me inform you further that this is the only website that lets you install applications on your iPhones and iPads directly from their interface. Moreover, you may also choose to download the files and install them at your own sweet will. 

There is an application for IPA which allows you to download files. In addition, there is also the website version that gives you access to the latest versions of the applications. However, the download speed of this IPA is very slow and there are also some other errors that might hamper your download process. Yet, this remains one of the best sites that will serve you for free.

2. Panda Helper

IPA Download Sites-Panda Helper

If you are looking for one of the most popular IPA sites at present, then Panda Helper is the right place for you to be. All you need to do is to use your Facebook id to sign in to your account on this website. After you sign in, you will get thousands of applications for surfing through and downloading.

However, the high number of monetization networks that this site uses, is a bit problematic at times. A number of pop-ups will spring up as you download your files. Clicking on these pop-ups will divert you to a different website. However, apart from this issue, this site is a great place for downloading iOS files for free. 

3. iPhone AppCake 

IPA Download Sites-iPhone AppCake 

If you are looking for a very responsive and user-friendly IPA site then you must visit iPhone AppCake. The storage of this site is enormous and you would definitely find all prominent and popular applications here. Moreover, you do not need a jailbreak Apple device to use this site. 

The interface is great to use. That is why you can easily navigate through this website properly and smoothly. In addition, there are also varied categories that will make it easy for you to search for your desired applications. 

4. Mob

Mob is one of the most popular IPA sites that you will find on the internet. However, the only point of uniqueness is that you have to register this device on the site before you can use it to download anything from there. However, after you complete your registration then you will be able to surf through the variedly supplied arsenal of the site smoothly. 

What is more interesting is that you will be able to surf through the different categories of this website and look for your needed applications easily. Among all other categories, users mostly visit the popular and newest categories. Though you will find many of the popular applications here, this website is mostly focused on games. Thus, if you are a gamer or gaming enthusiast then this is the perfect site for you to be in.

5. AppAddict


This is not an independent IPA site. Rather it is a part of vShare. We have already read about it earlier in this article. Thus, it shares the same interface with the mother site. In the past, this site was used as a tweaked website for Cydia tweak to download paid applications and games for free. Later it became an IPA site.

Moreover, the developers upload the arsenal of this site on a regular basis. Therefore, you can get all the recently launched applications here. For that, you do not need a jailbreak iPhone or iPod.

6. iEmulators


This is surely the underdog among the IPA sites. If you look at the quality of content that this site offers then you would find that it is better than many other sites that are mentioned on this list. All you need to access its varied arsenal is to register here. Moreover, there are also some other tools that this site provides. These tools will give you more than simple access to applications and games.

However, the website undergoes maintenance and for that time the server remains out of order. This is the only shortcoming of this site, if we may call it so. In addition, the arsenal of this site is not as widely varied as the other sites.

Concluding Lines

These are the top 6 free IPA download sites that you can get on the internet. Therefore, go and check them out fast.

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