Discord Bot Hosting: The Best Platforms For The Purpose

Discord Bot Hosting
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Nowadays, people are searching the internet for details about Discord BOT hosting. Discord is a very significant platform with multifarious utilities. However, before going into details about the Discord bot, let us know something about chatbots. If you are a person acquainted with hosting, the term bot might be familiar to you. However, for those who do not know, let me inform you that a chatbot is a design of conversation which has a human touch to it. There are many functions that a chatbot can execute. 

A bot can collect data, moderate chats, integrate games and most significantly, can effectively craft a better user experience. As far as a Discord bot is concerned, let me inform you that it is capable of performing various tasks directly on the server. It helps you collect important information, thereby enhancing the productivity of your server. In addition, it also delivers notifications, moderates content, schedules events and performs a series of various tasks. In addition, it also enables you to make our server interesting by adding music, pictures, games and more.

There are various Discord bots that are really popular, like Dank Memer, MEE6, Trello Talk and many others. If you wish to know more about Discord bots, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about the best reliable platforms for hosting Discord bots. 

The List

The List
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Something Host 

This is one of the best platforms for hosting Discord bots, that you will find in recent times. This platform supports a wide variety of programming languages and thus supports almost all the available Discord bots. 

The two plus points of this platform are reliability and uptime. Thus, it allows you to upgrade your hosting plan, in an instance. The name of their control panel is SomethingCP. This is very easy to use and gives you control over various aspects of your Discord bot. At the same time, it will provide you with important statistics about the bot. Moreover, debugging your bot becomes very easy and effective with the web-based console and the SSh server of the platform.

Another interesting aspect of this platform is that it will allow you to host custom web servers in your bot. Its feature called Let’s Encrypt is also a notable one. Priced at a minimum of 1.49 euros per month, it is also within the affordable range of most users. 

Sparked Host 

This is one of the top contenders for the number-one spot in hosting Discord bots. The main plus point of this platform is that the projects on this server remain online 24/7. Therefore, if you need support, you will get that in minutes. In addition, it also features intuitive and custom panels, that enable you to pre-install a Discord bot. 

Thus, even if you are not a pro programmer, there is nothing to be worried about. It also teaches you the process of creating a bot. Moreover, the tea behind this platform is a highly experienced one. DDOS protection, free MySQL databases, a 48-hour money-back guarantee, top-of-the-line hardware,  and Git support are some of the things that this server ensures. For all these, you need to spend a dollar per month.


PloxHost is a platform that offers premium bot hosting services. With this platform, your bot will run seamlessly. It provides you with high-end features. In addition, the Pterodactyl Panel comes with this platform. It is nothing but a control panel that enables you to manage gaming servers. Cloud Linux,  SSD caching, RAID hardware, and 100% uptime are some of the elements that come with this platform. It gives unlimited control over FTP access, GitHub tools and your server. The starting price is set at $1.25 per month.


The list of offerings of XGamingServer is really varied. The list consists of java, discord JMusic bot, go, discord bot py and js hosting. Moreover, it automatically scans and backs up your data in Amazon S3. The file manager has an SFTP launch option, making it easy to use. MySQL databases, creation of schedules, inviting users and various other features come with this platform. In addition, the DDoS protection on this server is the most powerful one. Along with a 2-day free trial, the server will cost you $2.58 per month.

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This is yet another server that remains online 24/7. It supports Node.js, Discord.py, JDA, Python and various other programming languages. The pre-installs of bots will help you get started quickly. It also offers three MySQL databases free of cost. DDR4 ECC memory, unmetered enterprise-grade SSDs, and 250Mbps uplink, along with Xeon Processors are part of this platform. Thus, the server will be lag free. With only $3 per month, you can gain access to all these features. 

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is designed in a way to make cloud computing easy for developers. It offers total control over your computing resources. In matters of processors, storage systems, operating systems, purchase models, and networking it has a wide variety of options. In fact, the cloud processors on this server are the fastest. In addition, the security support system is also very powerful.


It is very easy to get started with Kamatera. For starting, you need to the server as per its type, CPU, RAM, SSD storage, bandwidth, data centre, OS, etc. Finally, you need to select a plan. There are both hourly and monthly plans. Now your server is ready. The base plan is priced at $4/month. Moreover, the data centres of this platform are located in 13 places across the globe. This is a very secure platform for hosting Discord bots and is thus worth a try. 

Concluding Lines

These are some of the safest platforms for Discord bot hosting. Apart from these few, there are also some others in the market. However, these are the best in the lot and are also intensely popular.

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