Some of The Best Free RPG Games For iPhone Out There

Free RPG Games For iPhone
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People love to play the best free RPG games for iphone. They do so since the onset of such games. Now it has to be understood that RPG games are a recent happening in the world of games. But within a short span, these have gained tremendous recognition to reckon with. People from all walks of life love these games a lot.

These games possess a kind of storyline that makes them appealing to people. In this case, we must remember why people tend to play such games in the first place. It is simply to avoid or escape the drudgeries of life. Monotony gets the best of us. It cannot be avoided completely. But we can surely hope for addressing the issue by playing games.

Thus it is evident why people tend to look for the best free RPG games for iPhone. The number of Apple phone users ranges in the millions. Even if a small part of such people plays games, then we are talking about a significant population. Hence these games find themselves a huge crowd to reckon with.

Moreover, the very fact that many of these games are free is psychologically appealing. We all love things that we get for free. It is an immensely thrilling aspect to reckon with. So if you are interested in knowing the different options that are available in this case, go on to read this article. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed and will gain several insights.

Two determining qualities of good RPG games

Gamers generally tend to look for two important aspects or qualities in such games. Let us examine those first:

  1. An overall addictive quality to reckon with. It helps in figuring out the pace of the game. Hence gamers tend to look for it.
  2. The storyline should be impressive at large. Everyone is coming to the game to escape their realities. They will need something immersive at large that will provide them a meaning to reckon with. Hence only those games that have immersive storylines find acceptance among people.

Genshin Impact

This is one of the best options to reckon with in terms of free RPG games. Here gamers can progress chapter after chapter. The overall quest is very interesting. Hence that attracts a lot of people.

What is important to understand is that even though the game is free, there are certain premium features available as well. Those who want to buy so might do that. It is completely up to them. Hence for the gamers here, there is a high range of autonomy to reckon with.

Evil lands

As the name suggests, the game is full of evil creatures. There is something inherent within us that makes such characters interesting at large. We love new challenges and killing evil entities. So to quench that thirst, this game is the best option out there. You will never be bored for a moment with this game.

The opportunities are vast and numerous throughout the course of this game. Hence that is why so many people tend to play this one in their free time. The number of users is rapidly increasing and soon it will be counted among the best options out there.

A3: Still Alive

We are aware of the significance of classes in any RPG. In this aspect, Still Alive does a pretty good job. You can choose from five different classes to reckon with. You will in the game you will gain access to new abilities. The game has a number of open worlds that are very much fascinating at large. All of these are there so that you can explore. Hence it caters to the explorers among us.

A3: Still Alive’s focus on PVP battles makes it immensely popular among gamers. Especially for those who are playing for fans of PVP RPGs. Evil beings are out to get you and thus you need to be protected at all times. What you must understand is that you’ll be exploring a much darker world. Additionally, it offers a royale battle mode that appeals to a lot of people. You will thus be getting essentially a 100-versus-100 battle mode with never-ending entertainment at large.


The most important feature of this game is that it will provide you the option of customizing your own character. Hence if you wish to act like some conqueror or any other such relevant role, you are free to do so. There are complete provisions available here for this.


Worried about your internet connection often? Do not worry as we all face that issue time and again. Fortunately, with this game, it won’t be a problem anymore. It can be played without even an internet connection. Thus so many people tend to love this option.

Dungeon Huner 5

If you are into RPG games, then chances are high that you would have heard about this game. Many people around the world play this due to the unique hunting quotient it offers. There is something primal in the game that people tend to adore. Hence we cannot ignore the popularity of this option.

Thus if you are an owner of an Apple smart phone then do consider this game. We can guarantee it is one of the best free RPG games for iPhone.


Blood, violence, and loot. If all these three elements seem interesting to you then this is the right game for you at large. Do consider this one if you are looking for free RPG games on your iPhone.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts mystery

Millions of fans around the world love the Harry Potter franchisee. It is not just a novel or a movie series but is inherently connected to the emotion of many of us. Hence the possibility of an RPG game based on it is fascinating. Naturally, you might consider this one as a Potterhead.


To sum up, there is no dearth of options when it comes to free RPG games on an iPhone. We explored the best among those here.

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