5 Best Grenade Locations on CS:GO Dust 2 Map

Since CS: GO’s launch in 2012, it has been improved and developed into a brand-new game while maintaining its fundamental gameplay elements.

While the precise timing and strategic placement of gunfights on a map determine the game’s main mechanics, one of the most crucial tools for those mechanics is the employment of grenades.

Dust 2, a version of the perennially well-liked Counter-Strike map Dust, is a direct descendent. Dust 2 was developed as an improved and revised version of its predecessor when Counter-Strike 1.6 was still in use. It quickly rose to the top of the online popularity rankings and is still one of the most played maps among fans of first-person shooters worldwide.

What are the best places to throw grenades in Dust 2 CS:GO map?

Some of the most well-liked grenade lineups in the game have changed since Dust 2 was updated back in 2017. In this essay, we’ll outline the top five grenade locations on the CS: GO Dust 2 map. If you timing the grenades properly in the game, you can win more matches and take out more foes at these five places.

5. Towards A Long

A long flash line-up

The A Long, which runs from the T (terrorist) Spawn to the A Site, is the path that the terrorists take. It is marked by an arched gateway. Beginner or lower-level gamers frequently rush to the location without using explosives. At the upper levels and professional level, however, a dry glimpse will only result in death.

Therefore, the terrorists must first hurl a flashbang while racing from T Spawn towards A Long in order to safely peek at A Long to scope for some real estate from the counter-terrorists. This not only flashes the adversary but also prevents your teammates from flashing, enabling a seamless entry into A Long.

4. Smoking Off CT Cross

Terrorists still need to cross the CT (counter-terrorist) Spawn to enter the A Site, even if they take over A Long. While it is possible to just run the distance, it is quite risky. Anyone holding the angle from CT Spawn has a wide field of vision and can observe any onlooker who is crossing the street.

So a player just needs to stand next to the barrels and hurl a running smoke to secure the cross.

3. New Car Molly

Players have infamously taken advantage of the new car location since the redesign of Dust in CS: GO because it offers deceptive cover where players approaching from A Long cannot see the player.

New Car molly line up

Therefore, one of the most crucial tasks to complete before taking or retaking Bombsite A is clearing out this position. By lining up a Molotov or Incendiary Grenade from A Long, it is simple to clear.

A player in CS:GO can easily spread fire in the new car position, flushing out the hidden player, by standing on the long barrel and throwing a Molotov cocktail lined up precisely as shown in the image below. The only thing the player needs to do is jump, throw the Molotov, and watch it work its magic.

2. T Spawn to A Short Smoke

Players must smoke off the catwalk in order to cross the A Short on Dust 2 map in CS: GO in order to prevent the opposing team’s players from smelling them. The players must first assume the position depicted in the below image in order to do that.

The CS:GO player must then align the crosshair like in this image and perform a jump throw to successfully block the enemy’s view.

1. Mid to B Smoke

There are always players prepared to shoot them with bullets from both B and CT Spawn if a CS: Travel player wants to go to Bombsite B behind the overhanging arch. The players must first hop onto the pallet before moving on to the box in order to completely eliminate their chances of being shot by CT Spawn.

The CS:GO players must then precisely align their crosshairs at this location.

The CS: GO players only need to jump and throw the smoke grenade after lining up. The counter-terrorists living in CT Spawn will be completely smoke-off, forcing them to emerge from hiding to prevent the terrorists from entering.

There are a number of additional locations on the map that players can try, but that depends on their individual preferences.

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