‘Your Organisation Data Cannot be Pasted Here’ Error: Ways To Solve

‘Your Organisation Data Cannot be Pasted Here’ Error: Ways To Solve

If you have witnessed the ‘Your organisation data cannot be pasted here’ error, then be sure that you are not the only one to find this error. In fact, multiple people across the globe have faced this error. As a result, they are searching the internet to know about this error.

In such a case, let me inform you that this error will occur if you attempt to copy corporate content or data from Outlook. Now, if you wish to know the reason for the inability to copy this data, then the answer is simple: the data is already used. 

The easiest solution in this regard is copying the text and pasting it. However, when you go to paste business data into an application, the above-mentioned error message might pop up. It does not matter if you are using a laptop, a computer or a mobile device. This error can occur in every possible device.

If the error message pops up, the first thing that you can try to solve the problem is to exit the software and switch off the device and then turn it on again. This may solve the problem effectively. However, at times, you may find that even after restarting the device, the error is still visible.

It is only then that you might need a different approach to mitigate this error. Therefore, if you wish to know about the alternative process to deal with this error, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about the steps involved in troubleshooting this error. 

About The Error

About the error-‘Your Organisation Data Cannot be Pasted Here’

We already know the cause of the error that this article is talking about. It occurs mainly when we try copying data from Outlook to other software. Mostly the error comes to display when you paste the data into an illegal program.

This is mainly due to the strict Intune Policy of Microsoft. Thus, irrespective of the type of device that you are using this error can happen and at times, it is very difficult to solve this error. However, this article is there to solve this error for you. Give it an attentive reading. 

Outlook and Microsoft Intune Policy

There are some situations that will restrict you from copying, cutting or pasting from Outlook to other applications. This is mainly due to the Microsoft Intune Policy. The list of such situations is: 

1. Policy Managed Applications

This very option will enable you to cut/copy and paste data between Outlook and other policy-managed apps on your system.

2. Intune Blocking

Intune blocked is an option that holds you back from cutting/copying and pasting data from intune applications to other software on a device. 

3. Policy Managed With Paste In

If you are looking for the function of this option, then let me inform you that it will enable you to transfer data from the app to another policy-manged application and vice-versa. 

Therefore, these are the possible manners in which Outlook prevents you from copying data into a Microsoft Outlook client. 

Reconfiguration of Microsoft Intune Policy in Outlook- The Solution

Reconfiguration of Microsoft Intune Policy in Outlook- The Solution

If you are facing this error on your device, the solutions that are provided below might help you deal with it. However, these solutions will work for Windows 10 and 11, for both laptops and PCs:

1. Manually Updating Office Suit

If you are facing this error of pasting data, then it might be a signal that your Office Suit needs a manual update. The error pops up in such a case, as the version that you are using is back-dated and the data cannot be posted there. Thus on your Android devices and Windows 10/11-supported PCs and laptops, try updating the Office Suit manually.

2. Changing The App Protection Policy of Microsoft Intune

In order to deal with the concerned error, follow the following steps:

  • See the dashboard of Microsoft Intune.
  • Access the client applications on the left side of the dashboard.
  • On the left navigation pane of the screen of the Client apps you will find the App protection policies area. Go there.
  • Click on the ‘Create Policy’ button and create a new policy. Or else, simply select an existing policy from the list and update it. 
  • Visit the ‘Data Transfer’ area. Edit the policy to solve the copying/cutting and pasting error. 
  • Save the policy by clicking on ‘Ok’. 

Remember that your ability to solve the problem will depend on how you have tuned and updated the policies to your favour.

3. Working With The Document

AEffecting certain changes to the file or document can solve the error. In doing that first you have to check the file to see if it is possible to copy and paste from your organisation. If the issue remains, close the program and wait for around 30 seconds. Then again try copying and pasting into that file. This might solve the error.

In The Case of Android

If you are facing the same error on your Android device, then long press the screen area. From the drop-down menu select the ‘Paste’ option. If it shows that you cannot do that, then there is a problem. 

In the case of Google Keyboard, it might be a recommendation from Gboard. Long pressing the screen might solve the issue effectively. This issue, as we know is evident due to the Intune Policy of Microsoft. However, following this step it can solve the issue.

Concluding Lines 

Thus, after going through all the steps provided above, you will be able to solve the ‘Your organisation data cannot be pasted here’ error effectively. The main thing thus learnt here is that some minor and major adjustments can be effective in solving the error. However, you have to be very cautious while performing these actions properly.

That is all for today.

Meta: ‘Your organisation data cannot be pasted here’ error is a recurrent one in recent times. Read this article to know about the possible solutions to this error.

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