VLC Player Unbanned in India, Now Available for Download

vlc media player

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT has removed the ban on the website of VLC media player. People in India can now download this multimedia player.

India now offers the option to download VCL media player. The multimedia player, which was previously prohibited this year, is now available once more for use. The VLC media player website is no longer blocked by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT. Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) of India, which claims to have assisted the company in providing legal support for this issue, broke the news first.

Screenshot of VLC Google search results (India)

Direct download links available from VLC Website:

Today, downloading the VLC media player is as simple as going to the VideoLan website. According to the official website, this player has been downloaded by almost 73 million individuals so far, and more people are continuing to do so. The ban’s origin is still a mystery. There are chances that the ban could be a mistake, which the government has now removed.

The creator of VLC sent a legal notice to the Indian government in October of this year asking them to explain why their service was prohibited in India and requesting a chance to present their case in person.

VLC media player website: videolan

Additionally, the company threatened the Indian government, stating that VideoLan would “be entitled and compelled to initiate legal proceedings against you, for failing to protect our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of India, for violation of your obligations under international law, and for breach of your own Rules,” if they failed to provide adequate justification for the ban.

Given that the VLC media player is once again accessible for download on the official website, it appears that the corporation was successful in establishing its innocence and resuming operation in India. When trying to browse the website for VLC in the past, a 404 error was displayed.

The service used to receive about 25 million downloads annually in India, according to the business, but it stopped working in February of this year after the government outlawed it without giving VideoLan any formal notice.

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