Unbiased News Sources: Top Independent News Sources

Unbiased News Sources: Top Independent News Sources

Unbiased news sources are difficult to find, but they do exist. Money appears to have such sway over journalistic integrity in this case. Are there no longer any neutral news sources to whom you may turn?

Unfortunately, neutral news is as simple to come by as a needle in a haystack. No matter where you look, the news you read contains some bias, whether it’s the owner’s prejudice, the reporter’s open or unconscious bias, inadvertent bias from equally biased study articles, etc.

What Exactly are Unbiased News Sources?

Unbiased news sources are reports delivered factually, without prejudice toward a political viewpoint or to benefit the news outlet’s proprietors. In this regard, biased news frequently results in the opposite. You may read frequent favorable news from a state news source or policies funded directly by the state leadership. At times, the news you read may have a significant bias toward a political viewpoint because it benefits the site’s owner or news agency.

There is no greater illustration than the Xinhua News Agency, the People’s Republic of China’s spokesperson. Or the Russian government’s news agency, the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS). However, the United States and other Western countries are not without blame. Corporate executives, rather than political leaders, control the pens of journalists in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Five corporate media behemoths control most US media market: Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, AT&T, Viacom, and Fox Corporation. The merger of media corporations in multibillion-dollar transactions has concentrated media ownership in an ever-shrinking number of conglomerates. 

For example, in 1983, 50 firms controlled 90% of the US media. In 2011, only six businesses dominated 90% of the market. That number was down to five in 2020, and it may be considerably lower in the future. It would be naïve to suppose that those who write the cheques for those who report the news do not influence what and how it is reported.

The influence of media concentration may be seen in the run-up to every US Presidential election. Corporate media owners make major political contributions to their preferred candidates.

The Top Unbiased News Sources

We’ll start this section by stating that no news organization is objective. Claiming “best impartial” may be a misnomer in and of itself, and it should be “the least biased” news source. Furthermore, people would argue about what prejudice is, owing to their political beliefs.

Someone who watches Fox all day will believe CNN is biased and vice versa, although both are undeniably skewed. The following unbiased news sources are not without prejudice but are regarded for striving to stay objective.

1. The Associated Press

The Associated Press

In 1846, the Associated Press was established as one of the best-unbiased news sources. The prestigious worldwide news company has won 53 Pulitzer Prizes. Fair and transparent news reporting and journalism have always been the hallmark of fair and transparent journalism. It is where most journalists look for their own news stories to cover.

The Associated Press does not design rainbows for one side of a story while creating thunderclouds for the other. Each report uses impartial language and focuses solely on relaying the news.

The Associated Press is routinely placed solidly in the middle of the news by independent media bias checkers, with occasional highly borderline leanings toward the left-center. See the AllSides study or the Media Bias Fact Check for further details.

2. The Real News

Unbiased News Sources - The Real News

Suppose you want an opinionated news channel that seeks to deliver balanced news. In that case, the Real News Network (TRNN) mission statement says it all: “The Real News Network (TRNN) is a non-profit, viewer-supported daily video news and documentary service.” They do not take advertising or support from the government or corporations.

TRNN, one reliable, unbiased news source, is supported by viewer donations and generated money.” This type of business platform means they will miss out on many cash possibilities from adverts and social media sharing. Still, it also ensures their journalism will be neutral towards any political allegiance.

3. Reuters

Unbiased News Sources-Reuters

Reuters, which is based in London, England, has always strived to be one of the unbiased news sources. They are devoted to giving a value-neutral perspective and purposely publish less information if facts have yet to be determined.

They are also notorious for avoiding using the word “terrorist” when news of a bombing broke since there was no proof to back that supposition, even though all other news channels would broadcast this notion.



C-SPAN, or the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, tracks major events in the United States and makes them available for viewing by the general public. Its primary focus is on events involving the United States government. C-SPAN is well-known for its Livestream, where users may watch live footage of events that will most likely be noteworthy as they occur, or visit their archives to watch things that have already happened.

This news reporting allows consumers to see events without comment or influence from the network, allowing them to develop their own judgments about the events’ significance. It is one of the most reliable, unbiased news sources.

5. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most famous unbiased news sources for providing accurate coverage. It provides a fair dose of realism from both political parties. It’s unlikely that a Wall Street Journal White House correspondent will spar with the President in the Press Room. This isn’t because the WSJ adores the president. You don’t often see front-page adversarial pieces lambasting either side.

They describe what’s going on, who’s doing it, and why without being too editorial or using emotive language. Journalists at the WSJ tell it like it is without allowing their prejudices (or the biases of corporate ownership) to permeate the article. With any journalistic company, this is a challenging task.

AllSides affirms that the Wall Street Journal sometimes provides objective news coverage with a small right-center slant. Furthermore, according to the 2014 Pew Research Center Study of Where News Audiences Fit on the Political Spectrum, the WSJ provides about equal coverage throughout the political spectrum.

End Note

Some websites attempt to present news without prejudice. Other websites offer unbiased news sources or places to discover non-partisan news. Finding unbiased news is difficult because the reporter’s prejudice will always show through, whether they mean it or not.

Of course, journalists in certain news outlets are urged to be as impartial as possible to report the news without using incendiary language. Still, even their choice of words might betray subtle bias in their opinions.

Because let’s face it, we’re all human and have biases toward certain things. And, despite the best intentions of any reporter, prejudice will always seep through in the news, especially when it comes to politics and other highly heated themes that elicit an emotional response. Even my drafting of this post is biased.

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