Security Mail Instagram Com: The New Alarming Issue On Instagram

Security Mail Instagram Com
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In recent times, among Instagram users, there is a prominent question about security mail Instagram com.  In fact, people are looking through the internet to know about it. Therefore, it seems essential to throw some light on that issue. We know that phishing has been a serious issue on social networking sites. In fact, numerous people have been sufferers of phishing. 

Numerous Instagram users have complained about a strange issue. They report that they have received emails or direct messages from seemingly official portals of Instagram. However, as soon they respond to such messages their personal information is getting hacked. In fact, some users have also lost their accounts due to such phishing events. Therefore, if you wish to know more about such phishing issues and also the ways to save yourselves from such events, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Read this article to know everything about these issues. 

About Security Mail Instagram Com

A strange activity is taking palace on Instagram and the users are getting vocal about that. Let me inform you that many users have stated that they have received emails from Well, you might say that it is the official email address of Instagram and there should not be any problem with that. However, hackers and phishers have become clever. They are using this official id to send fraudulent emails to the users. 

The scammers have slightly altered this official email id to use it for stealing personal information from IG users. In fact, if you look at the mail for the first time, you might not identify it as a false one. However, there is a way to save your selves. You can view official emails from the security settings of your Profile. Generally, if you receive an official mail from Instagram, it will be available under the title “Emails From Instagram”. 

About Security Mail Instagram Com
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The Question Of Legitimacy

If you receive such an email that appears to be an official one from Instagram, you might be confused about the legitimacy of the email. However, there is a way to check whether the email is genuine or not. Follow the given steps for that:

  • Check the email for some short links like Tinyurl and so on.
  • Also, check the email for grammatical errors.
  • See if the mail is demanding urgent help or money.
  • Be sure whether the email has reached you via Direct messages. 
  • See if the links in the email are taking you to any dubious web pages. 
  • Check for images that do not load properly.
  • Look for the attached screenshots in the email.

If you locate these indicators, be sure that it is a fraudulent ones. In such cases, do not delete the emails as they would help you to track any such other emails in future. 

How To Prevent Phishing Attacks On Instagram?

Once you check the email and find them suspicious, follow the given steps to prevent any phishing attack in the first place, to ensure your safety:

  • Enable The Two-Factor Authentication

IG has a very important feature that helps you to be on the safer side. This is the Two-Factor Authentication. It provides you with an extra security layer in case you log in to your account from a new device. This feature will generate a confirmation code that you will need to log into your account from a new device. Such codes get generated by a third-party app like Google Authenticator. If you wish to turn on this authentication, then first open the Security option in your account. Now, search for Two-Factor Authentication. Now select the source of authentication, which might be a text message or a third party app. 

  • Select Strong Passwords

You must select a strong password for your IG account. Now you might be spurious to know what makes a password strong. Then let me inform you that to make a strong password, follow the given instructions:

  1. The length of the password should be 14 to 16 letters. 
  2. Use a mixture of alphabets, signs and numbers.
  3. Also, change your password once in at least six months. 
  4. You can also take help from online password generators to create a strong password. 
How To Prevent Phishing Attacks On Instagram?
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  • Don’t Click On Unknown Emails And Texts

If you find any text or email which asks for your personal credentials, then pull up your safeguard. Check and re-check the text or email. Head straight to the Security tab of your account and choose “Emails from Instagram”. It is the place where all the official messages get stored. 

  • Permit- Access 

Some applications are there which ask for permits to access your personal details. In such cases, do not allow it randomly. Rather, go through the terms and conditions on the app very carefully. This is due to the fact that there are many malicious apps that can steal personal data and information from you. Therefore, double-check such access permits before allowing them access. In these cases, installing security apps will also help a lot. In addition, VPN software can also be helpful in this regard, to hide your information and location. 

  • Do Not Use Bots

There are various available bots that promise you faster growth on social media platforms. In fact, many users go after these bots to gain fast popularity and growth. However, the wise way is to grow naturally. These third-party bots might get you more followers and likes for your posts. Yet, you might have to pay a heavier cost to it, by losing personal information, thereby increasing the risks of getting phished. 

Final Words

Instagram is a great social networking platform and there is no doubt about that. However, scammers are everywhere, waiting to drain your personal information in the blink of an eye. Therefore, the general rule of thumb is to be alert.  Be sure to enable the two-factor authentication for your account. Also, remember to check the authenticity of any email that might seem official at first look. Finally, never forget to create a strong password for your profile.

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