Samsung TV Apps: A Complete List That People Can Use

Samsung TV Apps
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People tend to watch a lot of television shows these days and it is natural for them to look for a complete Samsung TV apps list. Viewing shows is now no longer restricted to television sets at large. Many people tend to view such shows on their Smart TV.

Thus having access to smart TV apps is important. We cannot do without entertainment at large. It has become such an imperative part of our lives that we can now not even imagine a life beyond it. The necessity of it is important to reckon with. Monotony tends to frustrate the best among us.

It is important to address the stress that comes out of monotony. Stress is never good for either the body or the mind. So people must focus on keeping their minds entertained and happy. They can do so with the help of TV shows.

Every one among us has some sort of preference to reckon with. Some might go after comedies while some might adore thrillers. Therefore, all these diverse bases of entertainment can only be derived from a comprehensive Samsung TV apps list. So without any delay let us then go on to explore those. Readers will gain clarity from these aspects at large. 

YouTube for Samsung TV

 You can easily customize your viewing experience with this option. Synchronization is readily available. All you have to do is sign in properly and then go on to enjoy as much as you want to. Most importantly there is a very easy user interface to reckon with. So anyone wishing to watch it might access it. There is no discrimination made whatsoever in this case.

YouTube for Samsung TV
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This name is a familiar brand among millions of households out there. Countless people rely on this platform mainly because there is something for everyone here. Whether you are looking for entertainment or infotainment, it will cater to everything. The content library of Netflix is constantly updated.

People will never get frustrated with this as there is an endless source of things they can view. Moreover, this becomes readily connected to Samsung devices. You can use it at any time you want. So if you have a holiday and just want to stay home and chill watching Netflix, then this is the best option to avail yourself of on Samsung TV.

Amazon Prime Video

It is by far the most significant competitor of Netflix. What makes this appealing to many people is that it can offer many interesting shows at a much more affordable price. For those who are price-sensitive and yet want value for their money, Prime video is the best option for them. 

Content is the king in the virtual domain as well and Prime video understands this perfectly. Hence there are many original Prime shows that people can watch. They range from comedies to dramas to thrillers. Thus it is evident that there is a wide-ranging democratic appeal in the case of this option. You can hence surely consider Amazon Prime video as a brilliant choice for your Samsung Smart TV.

Disney plus

There is a niche audience for Disney plus at large. Most of these viewers are ardent Marvel devotees as well. The number of Marvel production fans number in the millions around the world. Hence this is a brilliant option for such fans.

Moreover, Disney has many other interesting shows and movies to offer its fans. It periodically releases a slew of original shows to reckon with. Over the years such shows have garnered much following as well.

Disney plus
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Hulu is another popular streaming service to reckon with. It mainly caters to the American series. It goes without saying that all types of genres are given due importance here. Hence it is natural that many people find it amazing.

The number of Hulu users is increasing with time. Therefore, you can choose this platform as well. It will offer you a brilliant viewing experience on your smart TV. No matter where you belong from, you will find certain types of suitable shows for you in this service at all times. 


Are you an ardent lover of music? Then surely this is the right choice for you. Globally there are millions of music lovers. They love Spotify for the sheer number of musical choices it offers.

You can use this on your Samsung Smart TV. It will enable you to create a mini atmosphere of a music concert at large. Those who live for such experiences will find it very interesting in the long run. Enjoy a romantic evening with your partner with Spotify playing on Samsung smart TV. Hence the possibilities here are endless.


If you are a lover of different events, then this is the best option for you. In this case, you will gain access to many events around the world. You can keep track of these in real-time and it will help you to watch these on large screens. Thus it is very much suitable for Samsung smart TV.


There are millions of people who love HBO shows around the world. It is natural because HBO offers us shows like Game of Thrones or Veep and many others. The wide base of content is the most appealing factor in the case of HBO. If you love HBO then you can access HBO Now on your Samsung Smart TV easily.


This is a very decent steaming service to reckon with. You will get many interesting features here. So you might decide to opt for this for your Samsung Smart TV easily without any hassle.

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Pluto TV

 With this, you can easily gain access to more than 100 channels. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? So if you love this idea, do consider this option for your Samsung smart TV as soon as possible. 


The internet has widely democratized entertainment. Anyone can amuse themselves now on the big screen with Samsung Smart TV. We explored the different possibilities that they might try in this article. 

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