5 Most Popular Esports Games

Esports are video games that are played in competitions. Millions of people play and watch the games across the world for the prizes up for grabs because it seems that watching people play has recently become one of the biggest trends.

Even though the industry generates enormous profits – it is currently valued at close to £1 billion and is still expanding – the majority of that money is ultimately made from a small number of the biggest esports games.

Given that over 3000 professionals from the UK gaming industry are a part of this trend, our goal is to give you a data-driven analysis of the esports titles that will be most important in 2022.

5 Top Esports Games

The renowned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 continue to draw the largest audiences and player bases, but UK gamers are aware that other intriguing video games are gaining up.

Let’s first take a look at the top 5 esports organisations in terms of revenue and audience size to get a sense of the current esports landscape:

1. Dota 2

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2013
TournamentsThe International
Highest Paid Players$6.98 million

We are forced to give Dota 2 the top spot on our ranking of esports despite the fact that it has millions of fans and detractors. This game, which is being played at a professional level by over 100 UK gamers, is hotly debated: some love the strategy needed to succeed at it, while others hate the cartoony champions.

From one community to another

The creator of this battle arena-style game is Valve Corporation. To be able to provide the rewards it is known for, both in Dota 2 and CS events, the company used an intriguing business model: crowdsourcing. This is how N0tail, a pen name for Johan Sundstein, has made close to $7 million.

Teams of five players from across the network compete in this fantasy multiplayer online game to take the enemy’s base by using magical attacks and enchanted weapons.

Gambling features can be found in the following game in the Dota 2 sequel. You can benefit from a treasure feature that has a range of possible results while you play the game. Similar patterns apply to bonuses for deposits of £10.

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2012
PlatformPC, Xbox 360, PS3
Notable TournamentsESL Pro, IEM, BLAST, DreamHack, PGL Major
Highest Paid Players$1.9 million

The first-person shooter, which was released in 2012 by the same Valve Corporation, boasts thousands of professional players as well as countless amateur ones. We shouldn’t be surprised that 20 million people actively play it as it is regarded as the biggest shooter eSport. With over 1 million active players, it is very popular among UK gamers.

Why is CS:GO so well-known?

It’s remarkable to see how Counter-Strike developed into one of the most popular esports titles available. It must be related to the game’s increased complexity when compared to earlier instalments. You begin with a pistol and gradually earn more money to upgrade your equipment. Additionally, moving up the ranks is not always easy.

Members have specific roles as:

  • Entry fraggers
  • Supports
  • In-game leaders
  • Lurkers
  • Snipers

3. League of Legends

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2009
Notable TournamentsMSI, Worlds, Kespa Cup, European Masters
Highest Paid Players$1.25 million

Why is League of Legends (LoL) one of the most played esports games?

Even while it must be acknowledged that World of Warcraft was the catalyst for MOBA gaming’s rise to popularity, Riot Games has done a lot to promote it. League of Legends’ release on PC marked a development for the genre, especially considering that it’s a free alternative to its predecessor, which required a paid subscription.

LoL is not Dota!

The way the game develops is almost identical to Dota 2 for casual players. However, esports experts would confirm that they are in fact very dissimilar. League of Legends has much more simple mechanics and is faster-paced and easier to learn. In the end, it comes down to personal preference: those looking for a rapid round of action will naturally choose League of Legends.

The top 19 LoL earnings worldwide are from Asia, despite its undeniable popularity in the West and the intense play it receives from UK gamers. It’s the case with South Korean pro-player Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, who has earned over $1 million using only a gamepad and, well, hundreds of rage quits. Lee is a supremely successful player.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2019
PlatformPC, Xbox One, PS4
Notable TournamentsCall of Duty League
Highest Paid Players$1.32 million

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won the 38th Golden Joystick award in 2020, which some people find questionable, but it wasn’t by accident. Since its release in 2003, this first-person shooter has been played often by people from different backgrounds and regions of the world, earning it the title of one of the most popular esports games.

Tactical Shooting Action

The Call of Duty series has established itself as a giant not only because it offers one of the largest prize pools in the esports industry, but also because of the various game modes and strategic gameplay enhancements it consistently adds to successive instalments.

For instance

Modern Warfare’s best feature has been recognised as the new Gunfight 2v2 mode. Esports players and spectators alike tremble with excitement at the combination of frantic action that simultaneously requires cautious play, hiding, and knife ambushing.

5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2015
PlatformPC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Stadia
Notable TournamentsEuropean League, Japan League, Six invitational
Highest Paid Players$373000

Many people believe that Rainbow Six from Ubisoft competes directly with CS: GO. It’s simple to understand why. The main conflict in the game is between a Counter-Terrorists team and the terrifying Terrorists, but it’s not an imitation.

The battle rounds in Rainbow Six are longer, and players start with a tonne of weapons. Because they don’t have to navigate the complex CS: GO economy, many UK gamers prefer it for for that reason.

A Gradual yet Consistent Rise

When Rainbow Six first came out, it had so many flaws that almost everyone in the esports gaming community scoffed at it. But over time, Ubisoft has consistently released updates, allowing them to draw in huge numbers of esports players. There were more than 50 million players registered as of the previous year.

The Six Invitational is the most esteemed competition Rainbow Six holds each year. The tournament’s $3 million in total prizes is up for grabs this year.

The top earner is star player Niclas Mouritzen, also known as “Pengu,” who makes close to $400,000.

5 Mobile Esports on the Rise

FPS and MOBA games are currently the most played genres in esports. But there are also other competitive PC game genres that UK players enjoy playing.

Additionally, when games like Dota 2 and Rainbow Six Siege only had a few thousand players, no one could have predicted their meteoric rise to popularity.

Check out the top 5 esports titles that could steal the show this year.

1. Hearthstone

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2014
GenreCard Game
PlatformPC, Android, iOS
Notable TournamentsHearthstone Masters
Highest Paid Players$343000

Digital collectible card game Hearthstone, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is based on the Warcraft universe. Warcraft has gained popularity since its release because the majority of players in the UK are familiar with it.

What makes Hearthstone unique?

Digital card games can be rather boring. However, Hearthstone allows for constant player interaction. In contrast to other card games, which can be a touch static and too linear for a true esports gamer, this one allows you to cast a spell card or otherwise negate the opponent’s attacks even during their turn.

100 million users registered for Hearthstone in 2018, which marked the game’s popularity zenith.

Additionally, the game fulfils a well-liked idea by combining wonderful aspects, which is very comparable to the mythology-based slot games that are very popular with UK gamers. The number of users who access free spins Book of Dead promotions from our index lets us know this.

2. Overwatch

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2016
GenreFantasy FPS
PlatformPC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Notable TournamentsOverwatch World Cup
Highest Paid Players$222000

With a $4 million prize pool, another Blizzard game wowed esports players. It is compatible with a mobile console, the Nintendo Switch, even if it isn’t truly a mobile esport.

The creators had no intention of making it an esports title

The main reason this esports game attracted more than 30 million continuous players at its height was because of its features, which made it a favourite from the start.

The quick match time, quick gameplay, and straightforward design make for an exciting ten minutes. This is excellent for spectators as well, which led Blizzard to create official esports gaming competitions and provide alluring rewards.

Key Features

With a twist, Overwatch is primarily a squad-based shooter. Due of its semi-futuristic environment and modern components, esports players favour it. In a class-based system where competitors must devise countless tactics to prevail, it seems like the future.

We have included the game despite the fact that it is now losing viewers and sponsors and that some players believe it to be “dying” due of its accessibility. Millions continue to play it because of its smooth and simple mechanics, which serve as a fantastic training ground for more difficult shooters in the future.

3. Arena of Valor

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2015
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Nintendo Switch
Notable TournamentsArena of Valor Cup, King Pro League
Highest Paid Players$832000

In terms of income, Arena of Valor is the top mobile MOBA esport game. The game was created by Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games, and it has many similarities to League of Legends, its older sibling.

For a product published just over 5 years ago, the portable esports game’s overall revenue of nearly $10 billion is remarkable, if not shocking.

Will you enter the Arena?

Players battle in teams of five to take over the other team’s territory in the traditional battle arena style. But what draws millions of players to the Arena are its portability and ease of use. Its user-friendly gameplay and features are designed to acquaint new esports players with the battle arena subgenre.

Prizes from tournaments are also nothing short of extraordinary. The majority of claims are made by Chinese gamers, and the greatest earner to date, who goes by the nickname Fly, has added more than $800k to his account.

4. Garena Free Fire

Game EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2017
GenreBattle Royale Shooter
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Notable TournamentsFree Fire World Series
Highest Paid Players$41000

The Free Fire World Series in Singapore this year was undoubtedly memorable for both spectators and esports players. It became the most well-attended event of its kind, shattering numerous records.

The action was continuously watched by 2 million people on average. That sets a new record.

Playing Garena information

Essentially, Garena is a battle royale game featuring the 4v4 squad clash and survivor modes as its two main game modes. Remote islands are the setting for both game styles. The maps are extensive and have clear images.

You can snipe your way to victory, ambush foes, hide in the bushes or close to the buildings, drive vehicles to the battlefields, and more. Its allure is increased by the abundance of loot-worthy locations and the wide array of weapons.

Garena’s highest-paid esports participant took home about $41000. This is a lot for a smartphone game, even though it is far from the mind-boggling millions some Dota 2 professional players may earn. Everything points to the continued existence of mobile esports games.

5. Brawl Stars

ame EssentialsSpecifications
Release Year2017
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Notable TournamentsBrawl Stars World Finals
Highest Paid Players$60000

Brawl Stars is one of the mobile games with the quickest growth rates ever after generating $200 million in sales in just its first few months.

In essence, Brawl

The third-person multiplayer shooter called Mobile Battle Arena by Supercell has many unique features. Players can interact socially, form teams, and combine the skills of their champions. The figures resemble cartoons a little bit, and the top-down perspective is similar to that of other battle arena games.

This emerging mobile esports title has received nominations for the EE Mobile Game of the Year and the 15th British Academy Games Award. Given that it has been downloaded more than 200 million times worldwide, it’s not surprising.

eSports Stats

We want to give UK gamers an unbiased evaluation of the esports scene. So, we list the essential information about it in the part that follows. Keep reading to learn about the important industry peaks.

What esports game makes the most money?

It makes sense that an esports game with such a sizable prize pool would need to generate enough revenue to handle those prizes. The chart displays the top esports competitions for prize money in 2021.

Obtaining viewership data allows one to evaluate the popularity of esports. According to the total number of hours spent watching on Twitch, the graph shows the top esports competitions in the world.

Who is the highest paid esports gamer?

Player IDCountryTotal Earnings
N0tailDenmark$6.9 million 
JerAxFinland$6.4 million
AnaAustralia$6 million
CebFrance$5.5 million
TopsonFinland$5.4 million

What esport game has the largest player base?

GameNumber of Players
PUBG1 billion (downloads)
Fortnite350 million (accounts)
League of Legends111 million (peak monthly players)
Hearthstone100 million
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege50 million
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive46 million (owners on Steam)
Dota 213 million (peak monthly players)
For each 1 pro gamer out there, millions practice daily

Why are people so hyped on esports?

  • Take a look at the startling amounts in circulation: by 2022, the esports market is expected to reach £1.44 billion.
  • It is a simple reality that gaming has influenced every aspect of society and that almost everyone plays video games.
  • And the pay isn’t at all unpleasant when you consider a potential career as an esports gamer.

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