Is GeForce Experience Worth Using?

Geforce Experience

Most PC gamers know about the Nvidia Graphic Card. Now let’s learn about which is better between the Nvidia Control Panel or Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. Before comparing the Nvidia Control Panel and Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, let’s learn about GeForce Experience, what it is and its features. And is it worth using it?

What is GeForce Experience?

GeForce Experience is a software suite of the Nvidia GPUs. Let’s get to know about it in detail. GeForce Experience features a host of performance and configuration tweaks for games and automatic driver updates for GPUs. 

GeForce Experience of Nvidia has had a mixed reputation in the past. People say it was an unnecessary addition to a gaming PC or it uses additional system resources.  But in recent days, GeForce Experience has become an important and versatile GPU management tool for Nvidia GPU owners.

GeForce Experience vs Nvidia Control Panel

Now let’s get to know the difference between Nvidia Control Panel and Nvidia GeForce Experience Nvidia installs two separate tools to configure and manage your GPU settings. Actually there are different tools that offer users a different range of GPU options.

Nvidia Control panel mainly deals with universal GPU settings and also feature settings for individual games. How does this work? Through Nvidia Control Panel GPUs we can manage settings across your entire system. Not only this we can also adjust the desktop color display, setup multiple displays, etc. 

If you’re using a PC or a laptop with Nvidia GPUs you can specify when to use the laptop’s onboard graphics and when to switch it to the GPU, which saves your battery life. 

What does the GeForce Experience Do on Your PC?

The Nvidia GeForce Experience has a lot many features in its package and now let’s explore these features. 

1. Automatic Game Optimization

Nvidia GeForce Experience game optimization will optimize the graphics to Low, Medium, or High, Ultra based on your hardware specifications which are detected and the specifications are optimised automatically.  This feature supports hundreds of titles and can help in fine-tune in-games performance.

How to switch to Automatic Game Optimization?

  • Click Nvidia username on top-right 
Image Credit (Nvidia)
  • Then open Account >Games 
  • Check the box of Automatically Optimize Newly Added Games
Image Credit (Nvidia)

2. Record and Stream Video Using Nvidia ShadowPlay

The Nvidia ShadowPlay is a video recording feature which allows you to record or stream your game online. This feature is kinda best with ShadowPlay. 

Features of ShadowPlay 

  • It has several recording and game capture options
  • Includes live broadcasting and instant replay capture 
  • The gaming outlay is optimized for sharing content

To operate this feature select ALT+F9 while you’re playing games and you can set it to Low, Medium, High or Ultra according to your requirements. 

Another feature is the Instant Reply. This feature allows you to capture a short period of gameplay using a preset length of time. The time varies from 15 sec to 20 minutes. For this ALT+10 while-in-game. 

ShadowPlay can also be used to broadcast live to Facebook, YouTube, etc. We can customize the quality of the live broadcast. Press ALT+F8 to begin live broadcasting while you’re playing the game, using Nvidia ShadowPlay. 

3. Capture and Filter Screenshots with Nvidia Ansel

GeForce Experience
Image Credit (Nvidia)

Nvidia ShadowPlay helps you in capturing screenshots by creating a special-in-game camera. This camera helps you in taking screenshots from all possible positions. 

This can be used in Ansel’s range of post-processing filters to tweak and style the screenshot. The best part is that the screenshots can be captured in HDR images in 4K. And even panoramic images.

To avail this option you need to press ALT+F2 so that you can capture a screenshot. Ansel Overlay will open and you can begin customizing the screenshot captured.But Nvidia doesn’t work with all games. 

4. Update Nvidia GPU Drivers Automatically

Updating your GPU drivers continuously is a good thing as it brings new features and noticeable improvements in performance in many games. 

You can set your updates for automatic, later you can install whenever you feel like installing it. For this you need to follow the step given below

  • Click Your Nvidia username 
GeForce Experience
Image Credit (NVIDIA)
  • Go to Account and open General 
  • Go to Downloads 
  • Check the box to Automatically Download Driver Updates 
GeForce Experience
Image Credit (NVIDIA)
  • Let you choose when to install 
GeForce Experience
Image Credit (NVIDIA)

5. Image Scaling 

GeForce Experience
Image Credit (Nvidia)

Image Scaling is another such feature of GeForce Experience. Nvidia image Scaling is a directional scaling algorithm that uses adaptive sharpening to detect, upscale and sharpen gameplay simultaneously. This makes the image appear at higher resolution and can improve your video output. 

These are the best features that GeForce Experience provides. And is best for the gamers. 

Is it worth using GeForce Experience?

Yes, it’s worth using GeForce Experience as it’s an excellent tool for Nvidia GPU users. As it has many good features like Automatic Game Optimization, Image Scaling, High quality video recordings of games etc. 

But due to the past experiences of Nvidia GeForce Experience many have not been using it now. But now the perception is changing and people started to see this in a fresh look.

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