How To Use CapCut on Windows and MacOS Without an Emulator?

How To Use CapCut on Windows and MacOS Without an Emulator?

CapCut, formerly known as Viamaker, is a popular video editing program for iPhone and Android devices. Its ease of use, practicality, and broad video editing tools have earned it a large user base. In our most recent CapCut review, we named CapCut and KineMaster, one of the best free video editing applications in 2022.

Because TikTok is now accessible on PC, many CapCut users have inquired about the CapCut app’s compatibility with desktop computers such as Windows and Mac computers. And this article is here to assist you in resolving this issue and demonstrating how to utilize the CapCut software on a PC. In addition, the finest free CapCut replacement for PC is offered.

How To Install CapCut On a PC?

How To Install CapCut On a PC?

Go to the CapCut website or the Mac App Store to get the app. Run the program when it has been downloaded. Then, tick the box to agree to the terms of service and click Install now. When the installation is finished, click Start immediately. If an update is available, you will be prompted to update CapCut after opening it.

CapCut will then test your computer to determine if it is running smoothly. After that, you may begin editing. Optionally, sign in to your TikTok, Facebook, or Google account linked to CapCut. However, you are not required to sign in to utilize the software.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of CapCut On PC

CapCut is fantastic. However, compared to professional and full-featured video editing software for Windows and Mac, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, it still has a long way to go in terms of complex tools and effects. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Working with panels is a simple interface.
  • Rich copyrighted music
  • A collection of templates for usage
  • Effects, filters, and transitions that are currently popular
  • More than 20 languages are available.
  • Exporting is simple.


  • The number of added tracks is quite restricted.
  • Lack of powerful color grading tools that maintain clip consistency at a more flexible level
  • Some features’ accuracy flaws include removing the backdrop and body effects.
  • Smartphones and tablets do not support landscape mode.
  • It is only possible to set a frame rate of 60 FPS.

These shortcomings may have dampened your video editing hopes, but there is plenty to look forward to on the other side, such as text, B-roll (multiple overlays), audio editing, and special effects; there is much to discover and much to expect.

Typical Video Editing Functions

Typical Video Editing Functions

Capcut, an easy-to-use App, provides practically all video editing features in a simple user interface. You can finish all of the above with a few touches on its magnetic timeline, from dividing to combining multiple clips, changing video format to adding canvas, and speeding to reversing the clip. Furthermore, in its most recent iteration, the speed curve is accessible, allowing you to add a ramp to your films for a seamless transition.

Here I’d like to highlight a unique function it provides: overlay. It lets you overlay extra clips on top of the main primary material. Of course, the clips may be resized up and down by pinching to zoom in on the screen and trimming as you go. CapCut green screen and creating a backdrop in CapCut are two more frequent CapCut overlay procedures.

1. Editing Audio

CapCut comes with a large music collection that contains unique copyrighted tracks. If you’re unhappy with the music it provides, you may import songs from your device and extract audio from existing movies. It also has a plethora of sound effects.

CapCut places a search bar and a favorite button for sound effects on your tongue’s tip for convenience. Similarly to overlay, editing the audio track individually comprises altering the level, determining where the audio begins and finishes, cutting off the desired portion of the audio, and so on.

Surprisingly, there is a beat-matching tool. You may either add them yourself or have CapCut do it for you. However, you may want to modify the pitch of the new audio track, limit the sound exposure, or increase the audio quality. In that case, as some professional software does, I expect to see those features in future editions.

2. Text

Text may be educational; video can be fascinating when combined with text. That is why many video editing apps aim to include many text editing capabilities to ensure that making great subtitles is achievable. It’s an excellent argument, but it begs the issue of how to combine those tools to create the desired design swiftly.

CapCut ingeniously prepares text editing templates to keep you from getting lost in a succession of intricate and important tabs, such as tweaking font sizes, changing styles, and attempting numerous bubbles, making the process more efficient.

Furthermore, if you become weary of manually inserting text, consider the Voiceover tool in the audio editing area in conjunction with the Auto captions tool. When you tap Auto captions, CapCut will establish a caption layer, and all of the produced captions will be divided up into their graphic layer at the exact time code they are uttered.

You may delete, move, or clip them to divide and create a new caption from the previous one. If you don’t want to update each caption separately, utilize Batch Edit to perform a one-time review of all your captions in a single scrolling box.

You may also style them together by selecting whether to apply the style to all or some of them. With those significant time savings, no one will be stingy with praise after employing CapCut’s clever text processing method.


Content creators that rely on CapCut should rejoice. Making the program available on PCs is a big changer, given that an emulator is no longer required. And you won’t be missing out on anything because the PC version includes all of the features you enjoyed on the mobile app. If you have yet to use CapCut, now is the time to get acquainted with it; take advantage of its features to create amazing video cuts.

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