How to Setup Voicemail on your Iphone

Voicemail Setup

Even while voicemail is less common than it once was, it is still a helpful tool that enables you to hear voicemails when you cannot answer the phone. When you start to depend on voicemail to receive your messages, it might be upsetting when it malfunctions. 

Numerous factors can cause voicemail to stop working, but fortunately, there are a variety of fixes you can try. So here’s how to fix your iPhone voicemail if it’s not working. 

1. Make sure your iPhone is set up with voicemail

It’s crucial to know if voicemail has been set up in the first place before we move on to the methods for fixing voicemail that isn’t working on your iPhone. 

Some upgrades might reset or change your setup, creating new problems. To ensure voicemail is configured, open Phone and hit the Voicemail tab before continuing.  Alternatively, you can go to Settings Phone and confirm that Change Voicemail Password is selected. 

2. Try directly dialing your Voicemail

Open the phone. Make sure Keypad is selected. Hold down the number 1 while you press and hold it. Your voicemail will be called; you can listen to it here. 

3. Force the Phone app to close and then reopen

On iPhone X, swipe up until you see the applications in task view, then swipe up again on the Phone to force-quit the app. Double-press, the home button on an iPhone 8 or before, then select Phone by swiping up. All of the available app cards will be visible.

Restart the app after that. This might resolve the problem with your device’s voicemail not working. 

4. Turn on and off cellular service

From Settings or Control Center, you can turn off Cellular Service and then turn it back on.  Open Settings > Cellular > Turn Cellular Data Off. Switch it back on after 30 seconds. 

5. Turn Airplane Mode on and off

Either Settings or the Control Center will let you accomplish this. 

  • Swipe down from the top right of the screen on an iPhone X or later (where the battery indicator is).
  • To activate Airplane Mode and cut off all connections, tap the aeroplane icon.
  • Tap the same aero plane icon again after 30 seconds to turn off Airplane Mode. 

6. Restart your iPhone

Just switch it off and back on. Although you may have heard this as a joke, it’s beneficial to reboot your gadgets frequently.  Restarting your iPhone is advised because it can resolve your the troubles while experiencing them. 

7. Look for updates to the Carrier Settings and install them

Look for the latest updates that are available for your Voicemail and update it by following the steps. Navigate to Settings > General > About. There will be a pop-up if there is an update. Click Update

8. Turn off the wifi on your iPhone 

When they briefly turned off Wi-Fi on their iPhones, several customers were able to solve their voicemail problems. Try it out for yourself. Go to the Control Center and tap the Wi-Fi icon to switch off Wi-Fi. You may also shut it off by going to Settings Wi-Fi. Try voicemail again. 

9. Automatically set the date and time and reset the time zone 

It is advised to let your device adjust the time automatically for most users. To confirm that your time zone and other settings are accurate:  Open the Settings menu and select General > Date & Time > Set Automatically. 

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