How to Change Apple ID in Few Simple Steps

Change Apple ID

There are times when you need to access your Apple devices to more than one Apple ID. The advantage of being able to sign in with multiple accounts is that you don’t lose any data, photographs, apps, or subscriptions!

In this article we will be explaining, how you can change your Apple ID on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows computer. But before than that let’s know what the difference is between switching Apple ID and changing Apple ID.

Difference between switching Apple ID and changing Apple ID

  • Bear in mind that changing an Apple ID is not the same as switching. While changing an Apple ID, you want to create a completely new ID , in the latter case  you only want to edit your current ID.
  • You will lose your paid applications, Apple Music membership, and even your iCloud storage plan if you sign out of your current Apple ID and log in with a different one. The choice to retain a copy of your Contacts, Keychain, News, Reminders, Safari, and Stocks is available, of course.
  • Apple enables you to combine the information on your iPhone with the iCloud account linked to the new ID when you log in. But it’s not sufficient, and not all the data that you have collected over a certain period of time can be transferred.
  •  If you edit your Apple ID, you won’t lose any of your data. To be more exact, your contacts, paid apps and Apple Music membership will all be kept. Apple guarantees a faultless experience, thus there is no possibility of a problem.

How to change Apple ID on iPhone and iPad without losing data

1.Open the Settings app on your iOS device – click the Apple ID banner

2.Then select Name, Contact Info, and Email – Click Edit Next to CONTACTABLE/REACHABLE AT.

3.Now press the Delete button after tapping the red button.

4.A message reading “Please choose another address to use as your Apple ID” will pop up on your screen. Select Continue.

5.You’ll then need to verify by entering your passcode. Then type in your new email address. For instance, – now tap Next.

6.A verification code will now be sent to you through email. Verify it, and there you go. We’re done.

How to change Apple ID on Mac or Windows PC

1.Launch any web browser and visit to

2. Now log in with your current Apple ID and password.

image credit (Apple)

3.Enter the code if two-factor verification is enabled.

4.Select Edit from the menu next to Account section.

5.Then select Change Apple ID.

Image Credit (Apple)

6.To continue, enter the new email address. The verification code will now be sent to you through email. Verify it and you are good to go.

That’s all that you needed to do. Now if you can check out your previously saved data, you’ll find that they are safe.


The fear of losing all the previously saved data always haunts us when we think of changing our Apple IDs. But that shouldn’t be the case as the iOS devices offers to keep your data safe even when you opt to change your Apple ID. All you need to do is follow the above stated steps.

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