The Best Free Sports Streaming Apps For Android Users Out There

Free Sports Streaming Apps

Who doesn’t love free sports streaming apps? It is obviously a rhetorical question to reckon with here. People from all walks of life love sports. They do so since time immemorial. If we look at the detailed evolution of human culture, we will find sports occupy a significant place there. Hence it is evident that more and more people in every generation becomes fascinated with sports.

Many of us can now watch sports easily on the internet. In this manner, the internet has sort of democratized sports. Anyone with a fast internet connection can watch sports easily. They can watch any game they want to. There is nothing to stop them from doing so at all. Hence the love for free sports streaming apps increases with time.

There is something inherently thrilling about watching sports live and that too for free. So for android users out there, you should know that there are many sports streaming apps available. Wondering what these are? Do not worry as we shall answer your query in this article. Based on the facts you learn from this article, you can go on to enjoy sports as much as you like. Hence read on to know more about this case.

Live Net TV

What is most intriguing about this site is that it is available in many nations. Hundreds of channels are available here. You can choose any one of these channels to watch sports. Hence you have many options to choose from. That is what makes it so much appealing in the first place.

All you have to do is choose the channel you wish to watch. Then select on the link provided and go on to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Live Net TV
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It is a multipurpose app to reckon with. This means that it has both entertainment and sports content at large. If you are looking to stream tournaments like the European League or the English Premier League and so on, then you have come to the right place.

This app offers something for every sports lover out there. Hence no one will go disappointed by this site. All they have to do is visit the site, choose from the numerous tournaments going on at a time, and then proceed to watch it (preferably with some snacks).

beIN sports connect

Sports is a multifaceted activity to reckon with. So it is not only about the concerned game at large. It is about many other things combined.

Sports is about the highlights, the related reports, statistical analysis of performance, standings, and a myriad range of other things. Curious sports lovers who wish to know about these aspects must visit this site as it is the perfect alternative available for figuring out such details.

Sony LIV

Especially for the Indian audience, this is the best option to reckon with. What’s more, you can even stream the sports for free at large. But there is however a twist that you must understand.

To watch the games for free live, you have to wait five minutes in each case. Users willing to do so can use the sony LIV app for all types of their sports-related needs.


This app is available on different continents. Thus it is evident that many countries support this app. What is most intriguing about it is that the app claims to have over 1000 channels. Hence every type of sport has the possibility of being covered here.

Not everyone is a basketball fan. Neither are most cricket fans or football fans. There are many types of games out there. To cater to such diversity, users can trust this app.

Live Net TV
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Disney Hotstar

Like Sony LIV this is also an app suited for the Indian audience primarily. But many others tend to use it as well. You should however remember that to use this site you need to accept a delay of 5 minutes during the live streaming of the game. If you are happy or okay with it, then a quality experience awaits you.

Oreo TV

To use this you will face no hassles at all. There are no formalities for subscription or anything else. Even the user interface is so smooth that any user around can use it for their gains. So there are no problems at all. 

Hence if you are a diligent sports lover looking for a brilliant streaming site, then this is the best option for you.


It is a legal site out there for sports lovers. There is a price involved but you can watch for free by invoking the one-month free trial easily.

Kodi Sports repo

The app claims to have 1400 channels. Can you imagine the sheer diversity of so many channels when it comes to sports? You will never suffer a moment of boredom further if you rely on this site with precision.

Fubo TV

It is a brilliant option for sports fanatics out there. You will not only find games streamed here but also related reports in many formats. Hence especially for curious users, this is the best option available.

Now TV 

There is a free trial available here. With that, you can go on to enjoy a hassle-free experience when it comes to streaming sports with diligence. 

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The app has a wonderful user interface. What is even more fascinating is that it can work on slow internet speeds as well. There are many situations where the internet speed is often compromised. Hence to not compromise the sports viewing experience of people, this app arranges for everything with precision.

Fox sports go

We often do not stay at home for many reasons. But that is not a reason to miss sports. Hence with this app, you can watch sports from anywhere you are without many hassles.

Dofu live

With this site, you can manipulate the streaming conditions with precision. Hence you will have control over the internet power.


For Android users, there are thus multiple options for free sports streaming. Everyone deserves such an experience. Hence we explored some of those options here. 

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