Easy Ways To Fix PS5 Controller Drift

Easy Ways To Fix PS5 Controller Drift

The PS5 DualSense controller is packed with exciting capabilities and next-generation bells and whistles, but they can’t save the controller from the age-old PS5 Controller Drift. We can, thankfully, with various debugging methods and remedies available to save your characters from accidentally wandering towards their destiny.

As the PS5 grows older and the DualSense controllers wear down, this will become a more regular issue, so here are some potential solutions.

What Exactly is PS5 Controller Drift?

When the PS5 recognizes movement on screen despite the player not touching the controller, this is known as DualSense drift. In Fortnite, your character may move even if you are not touching the DualSense.

DualSense drift is to blame for this. Essentially, the joystick sensors inside the pad need to be updated sooner. They deteriorate quickly, become clogged with thumb muck, and even deform with time. Unfortunately, a PS5 controller breakdown indicates that DualSense drift was unavoidable since several components are prone to wear and tear.

If you want your DualSense to last, this could be better. Nobody wants to spend $70 on a new controller if their old one dies after a few months. You may try a few solutions to fix PS5 Controller Drift.

Solution 1: Adjust the DualSense Controller’s Input Threshold

Ways To Fix PS5 Controller Drift-Adjust the DualSense Controller's Input Threshold

The input threshold is the region of the thumbstick where no movement is detected. If you just have mild drift, you may be able to eliminate it. However, this workaround will only work for select games.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you may customize the stick drifting option.

You can modify the size of the controller’s input threshold by going into the controller settings in some (but not all) games. An example of these settings may be seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

If you see a slight DualSense drift to the right on the right thumbstick, raise the dead zone size/input threshold on that stick. This implies that the controller will record movement once the stick is pushed beyond its threshold.

Unfortunately, this is not an option at the system level, which is odd, given how simple a repair would be for Sony. This may be included in a controller and console update so that the dead zone can be changed from the main controller menu. This might keep individuals happier for longer and, at the very least, give a temporary cure.

Solution 2: Clean Your DualSense Controller Thoroughly

Clean Your DualSense Controller Thoroughly

You should start if you last cleaned your controllers a while ago. Consider this: when you play a game, your palms become sweaty. This leaves a film on your controller. It goes into the grooves, beneath the shoulder triggers, under the face buttons, and pretty much any other recess. Unfortunately, dirt gets behind the thumbsticks as well. This is an ideal environment for filth to thrive; unfortunately, it can cause DualSense drift. As a result, you must clean your PS5 controller. 

A cotton swab and high-concentration isopropyl alcohol are the ideal instruments. We recommend the most concentrated alcohol available. The higher the concentration, the less water it contains, implying that water damage to the internal circuitry is less likely. Before cleaning the controller, remember to detach and turn it off. Failure to do so may exacerbate the damage. It’s as simple as soaking a cotton swab in alcohol and carefully cleaning each thumbstick and its housing.

When cleaning it, use only a little dab of liquid. Move the stick around in its chassis and thoroughly clean the bearing, as this is the component of the thumbstick that will bring dirt into the controller. Furthermore, you may correct your DualSense stick drift by blowing out any dust or other particles that may have become trapped behind the thumbstick. You may do this using a dust blower or compressed air. Move the thumbstick in full circles while blowing air into the controller.

Solution 3: Rotate and Lift Your Thumbsticks

If you play games that demand you to use and click your thumbstick in one way for extended periods, you may find that your thumbstick begins to drift in that direction. One solution is carefully pulling your thumbstick out of its housing and liberally rotating it a few times before replacing it. This will assist in re-centering the mechanism inside the thumbstick and, hopefully, correct any controller drift on your PS5.

Solution 4: Reset and Update Your DualSense Controller

Reset and Update Your DualSense Controller

While the PlayStation 5 controller drift is primarily due to hardware issues, you still want to cover all your bases and rule out any potential software issues that might be causing the problem. So, if the first three solutions have not fixed the stick drift, reset your DualSense controller. You will need a paper clip or a safety pin for this.

First, make sure your controller is turned off. Then, gently insert and hold down the paper clip or safety pin into the tiny hole on the back of your DualSense controller for five seconds. After the reset, try using your controller again and see if the issue has been resolved.

Resetting your Bluetooth connection may help if resetting your controller does not. Go to Settings > Accessories > General > Turn Off Bluetooth. This will necessitate the use of your USB cord. Finally, ensure your console and DualSense controller run the most recent firmware.

Go to Settings > Accessories > Controller (General) > DualSense Wireless Controller Device Software for your controller. Your console should automatically update, but you may force it to do so by heading to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.

Solution 5: Send your DualSense Controller back to Sony

Send your DualSense Controller back to Sony

If your DualSense controller is still under warranty and you have your receipt, you should be able to return it to Sony for a free replacement. However, because it is a nuclear option, you only employ it as a last resort.

The return procedure is rather straightforward. It’s as simple as going to the PlayStation.com Fix and Replace page and starting your return from there. You may also monitor the return on that website to find when a replacement will arrive. Simply pick the DualSense option, and the site will walk you through a series of questions to help you assess the problem and begin your return.

If you run into any issues, you can always contact PlayStation support. However, remember that it may take some time for your call to reach the head of the queue.


If your controller wanders, try the methods listed above to see if they work. Begin with cleaning, and return the controller to Sony if that fails. Meanwhile, some games enable you to modify the dead zones, so you can still play.

Nobody wants to get a defective console, which is one of the reasons why the flagship controller is disliked. There are many reasons to adore it, but DualSense drift is a problem that Sony must address sooner rather than later to satisfy its committed PlayStation fans.

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