You Can Unlock Any Android Device Due to Dangerous Android Bug

android bug

Due to this serious Android bug, you are in great danger! As you are aware, the foundation of current Android devices is the AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Additionally, AOSP has a very critical vulnerability that has been found.

A bug in the screen lock makes it possible to quickly unlock the smartphone without a password or pattern.

Google Pixel Lockscreen SIM Lock By-Pass

Algunos Google Pixel están entrando en bucle por un fallo en el desbloqueo  por PIN

David Schütz notified Android’s Vulnerability Rewards Program about this lock-screen unlocking problem in the middle of this year; the incident led to a $70,000 bounty and was categorised as a “System” issue with a “High” severity rating in the November security patch. The Android Security Patch bulletin’s CVE-2022-20465 code was used to identify this vulnerability.

The device password is input incorrectly five times, and a SIM card is inserted during the lockdown period, which explains how the lockscreen by-pass works. Three incorrect SIM code entries result in blocking. The PUK code is then entered, and the new SIM code is established.

Device unlocks abruptly while skipping the password or pattern on the lockscreen. This enigmatic yet harmful issue gets past every security measure in Android. The video below was tested with a Pixel 6 device.

Google Pixel-only gadgets are impacted by this Android Bug problem. We have tested other OEM devices, but the results have been disappointing. With the 2022-11-05 Android Security Patch, this issue is resolved on Pixel smartphones (e.g Pixel 7 Pro with Android 13 QPR1 Beta). The November Android Security Patch is presently accessible for Pixel 4a and newer, which is unfortunate for other Pixel devices.

For instance, this flaw is regrettably present in the Pixel 4 (Android 13 with the 2022-10-05 Android Security Patch). As a result, EOL (end-of-life, no longer receiving system/security updates) Pixel devices have a serious issue.

How to Fix This Lockscreen Bug?

Users of Google Pixel devices are urged to upgrade right away; those with Pixel 4a and later models should download and install the November (2022-11-05) Android Security patch. Users of the Pixel 4 and lower series, however, are currently without a solution.

They can do nothing except wait for Google to release an unexpected hotfix update (or a security patch using Google Play System Update). Follow us for more.

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