5 Best iPhone Widgets

Best Iphone Widgets

Why waste valuable time browsing through the app to stay up to date if you can keep track of important app-related information directly from the home screen? The best iPhone home screen widgets have got you completely covered, whether you want to keep track of the most recent emails without opening your iPhone email app, track your total steps without opening your workout app, keep an eye on your favourite subreddits, or quickly glance at
your favourite photos.

Here is a list of Best Iphone Widgets:

1. Widget Smith

One of the most popular iPhone home screen widgets, Widget smith, boasts a strong range of widgets. You can fine-tune the widgets according to your preferences because they are completely customizable. For instance, you can dynamically plan your custom widgets to display weather data in the morning, a calendar during the workday, and the incredibly helpful progress of your activity rings (which requires an Apple Watch) in the evening. 

Keep in mind that you must upgrade to the widget app’s premium edition if you want to access all of its amazing features, including access to tide and meteorological data housed by the app.

2. Launcher

One of the most powerful and configurable widgets for your iPhone is launcher. The widget app allows you to rapidly open your preferred apps and is completely customizable. Additionally, you may customize it to initiate calls, messages, emails, and even FaceTime video conversations. 

Notably, the widget app allows you to play your favourite music with your preferred music app with music launchers and even alter app icons, labels, and stack widgets if you frequently listen to music on your iPhone using some of the greatest music apps available. 

3. Sports Alert

You can follow your favourite sports using this personalized widget. For all of the main sports, including the NBA, NFL, tennis, golf, and much more, you may check live scores, news, or alerts. It is really aesthetically pleasing and looks great on your home screen. 

Depending on the information you want it to display, you can pick between three widget sizes: tiny, medium, and large. To view all the live scores for the chosen league, select the large widget size. You can switch between the leagues and sports whenever you like. 

4. TripIt

TripIt can assist you in planning your trip and getting ready on schedule. This travel planner app’s personalized widget enables you to view all the relevant information pertaining to your trip. 

In the small area, you can see your flight number, departure and arrival times, and terminal number. You can arrange the necessary information to be displayed depending on your mode of transportation. Once you arrive at your location, you can edit the widget to display the next item on your agenda, hotel check-ins, business meetings, etc.

5. Smart Stack 

There are several positive aspects of Smart Stack. Its ability to display information based on how you use your iPhone is arguably its best feature. For instance, the widget will show podcasts when it’s time for you to catch up on your podcasts and reminders when it’s time for you to check your schedule. 

It’s interesting that it combines widgets from many apps, like Photos, Music, Reminders, Weather, and Calendar. Additionally, it has Siri suggestions. From the home screen, you can browse through the widgets to quickly scan the important data.

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