Amazon Hub Counters And Lockers: Safest Ways To Avoid Porch Pirates

Amazon Hub Counters
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If you are suffering from repeated instances of porch piracy, then Amazon Hub Counters is here to save your day. Well, in the present world, online shopping has become instantly popular. Nothing can be better you can get your essential items from the comfort of your home. This is where online shopping comes in handy. You can place an order from your smart devices and the delivery partner will deliver the order within a certain period of time. Thus, the matter is seemingly very simple and efficient. Moreover, it saves much of your time and energy. In addition, online shopping platforms also provide some interesting offers from time to time, thereby enabling you to spend economically at the same time. 

However, all these benefits of online shopping have been troubled by porch pirates. In fact, this very factor is more or less common in different places across the globe. However, if you do not know about porch piracy, let me inform you that porch pirates are those thieves who steal the packages dropped at your doorsteps by online delivery partners. This is a very serious issue, as it surely creates a misunderstanding between the online stores and their customers. Moreover, it also results in an economic loss for the consumers. 

Therefore, you must know about the ways to prevent porch piracy. That is where this article comes in handy. Read this article to know about the ways to prevent your Amazon packages from getting stolen. In addition, this article will also inform you of the possible ways of action in case of porch piracy. 

More About Porch Piracy 

More About Porch Piracy 

We already know that porch pirates are those thieves who steal the packages dropped at your doorsteps by online delivery partners. In fact, they are really swift in their action. They come in silently and complete their work in the blink of an eye. Therefore, getting hold of them is really a problem. Mostly, they track the delivery vehicle and steal the packages before the customer comes out. In addition, they also steal packages from trucks on lonely roads. 

In fact, as the popularity of online shopping is on a rise, the activity of porch pirates is also increasing rapidly. There is every possibility that a package might contain something costly and the pirates aim precisely for that. However, with Amazon, there are ways in which you can ward off these pirates. Go through the rest of the article to know about the ways to prevent an attack of porch pirates.

Preventing Porch Piracy

Preventing Porch Piracy

Though the porch pirates are really difficult to predict, there are some ways in which you can easily reduce the chances of porch piracy. In fact, for tha you need some planning and preparations. For Amazon users, there is a secured way of receiving your packages. Amazon has Hubs in different places. These are either Amazon Lockers or counters. 

Using Amazon Locker At A Nearby Amazon Hub

Amazon, being one of the top companies in the world, is very cautious about the securoty of their packages. That is why, they offer you multiple delivery options. One such option that you may use is the locker. With your consent, Amazon might send your packages to a nearby Amazon locker and you can pick up the packages at yur convenient time. In addition, you can also use these lockers to return your packages. 

In fact, let me also inform you that you need not to pay any extra charges for useing the locker. It is a free service. You can locate an Amazon locker in and around your city. Mostly these lockers are present in pharmacies, supermarkets and oher nearby shops. If you select to go with Amazon locker, then you will receive an email with a unique code, which will help you to access your locker. 

Using An Amazon Hub Counter

This is yet another alternative delivery option that Amazon provides you. The Amazon Hub Counters are typically located within a local business around you. It might be a pharmacy, grocery store, bank, restaurant, retail store, and such others. In fact, you can trust the hub counters to handle your packages safely. 

As you add the products of your choice to your Amazon cart, proceed to checkout. Now, in the “Product Delivery” section select the nearest hub counter for you. After the delivery is done, you will get a barcode or a QR code. Now, with this code, go to the selected hub counter and show that to the staff there. The staff will deliver you the package and thus, the porch pirates may safely be avoided. 

Amazon Hub Counter V/S Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Counter V/S Amazon Hub Locker

These are the two alternative delivery options that Amazon provides you. Both are safe and secured ways of decreasing the chances of porch piracy. Both of these  are located in various local businesses around you. In hub counters, you will have to show the unique code by Amazon to the staff working at the hub. The staff will scan the code and deliver the package to you.On the other hand, there is no staff at the locker. There is a machine. You will have to enter the code in the machines and you will receive your package. 

However, in matters of safety, the locker is the better option. This due to the following facts:

  • There is no staff involved. That is why your secrecy is maintained.
  • The delivery and return policies are easy and safe.
  • There is no exta cost involved.
  • You will receive your packages in time.
  • In lockers, you need to demend on no one.

Final Words

Finding a locker or a hub is very easy. You can visit the official website of Amazon for detailed information of these. In all, the hubs and the lockers are really safe and secured in nature. They reduce the chances of porch piracy and thereby, ensure that you receive your packages in due time.

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