A Verified Badge On Twitter May Cost Users $20 A Month

If the employees building it don’t meet their deadline, they’ll be fired by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk, who now owns Twitter, has issued his first ultimatum to his staff: either meet his deadline to establish paid verification on Twitter, or quit.

According to a report on Sunday, verified users on Twitter may soon have to pay to keep their blue tick badges as the company’s new owner Elon Musk searches for new ways to monetize the social media network.

Key Facts about Twitter’s New Regulations

  • Musk said the “whole verification process” was being redone in a characteristically cryptic tweet on Sunday.
  • The news that Musk intended to charge verified accounts by pay walling the feature underlying the $4.99 per month Twitter Blue subscription service was first revealed by journalist Casey Newton earlier on Sunday.
  • The team developing the feature has reportedly been informed by Musk that failure to fulfil the deadline—November 7—will result in their termination.
  • Although Musk has previously said he wants to tax these organisations for using Twitter, it is unclear how this shift will affect verified accounts of governmental organisations, political figures, or businesses.

The instruction is to convert Twitter Blue, the company’s optional $4.99 per month subscription that unlocks more services, into a more expensive subscription that also validates users. The new Twitter Blue subscription will cost $19.99, as of right now, according to Twitter. Verified users would have 90 days to subscribe under the existing arrangement in order to keep their blue check mark. On Sunday, it was announced to the team members that failure to launch the functionality by November 7 will result in termination.

In the months before to his acquisition, Musk made it plain that he planned to change the way Twitter validates accounts and manages bots. He tweeted on Sunday that “the entire verification process is currently being revised.”

The initial information that Twitter was considering charging for verification came from Platformer’s Casey Newton. By the time of publication, a Twitter spokesperson had not responded to a request for comment.

Musk has acted rapidly to make changes at Twitter, modifying the homepage for logged-out users just three days after becoming “Chief Twit.” He’s contemplating mass layoffs of middle management and engineers who haven’t recently added to the code base with the assistance of Tesla engineers he’s hired into Twitter as consultants. Managers have already started compiling names of staff members to lay off, and the cuts are anticipated to start this week. Since Musk assumed leadership on Thursday evening, those assigned to carry out his ideas have worked over the weekend and into the wee hours.

Right now there is no latest update from twitter verified official account about the verification billing, as we can still see the old support center mentioning how to verify the account.

The Twitter Blue membership became publicly available over a year ago as a way to read articles from some publishers without ads and make other changes to the app, such changing the colour of the app’s icon on the home screen. Advertising continued to make up the vast bulk of Twitter’s revenue in the few quarters after that launch that it declared results as a publicly traded company. Musk wants subscriptions to increase to account for half of the business’s total income.

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