8 Best Note-Taking Apps For Mac

Best Note-Taking Apps For Mac

Taking notes is crucial in practically every area of your life. A simple note-taking tool may help you manage information whether you’re a student, teacher, or employee. But only some note-taking programs work with a Mac. So you could be scratching your head trying to find best note-taking apps for Mac.

Numerous note applications are available for Macs and can help you live a little more comfortably. Find out which Mac note-taking applications are the finest. And what their best features are by reading about them. Let’s find the top note-taking applications of 2023, so you may record your thoughts, doodles, and aspirations.

Best Note-Taking Apps For Mac

Choosing note-taking software with features and capabilities. It is challenging to pick note-taking software, especially because a new one is released on the market every few months. It suits your note-taking style and is the key to selecting the one that works best for you. The top note-taking applications are listed below for all note-takers:

1. Apple Notes

Apple Notes

You may write down thoughts as soon as they enter your head with Apple Notes. This app will satisfy most note-taking needs if you use an iPhone, iMac, or iPad. Apple Notes and Simplenote both sync with iCloud without any issues.

You may build and manage basic to-do lists and drag-and-drop material, including photographs. The Notes app gains several new features in iOS and iPadOS, including a Gallery View, checklist choices, subfolders, shared folders, and more. This tool has always been a quick and practical method to record unorganized lists or jot down odd ideas.

2. Evernote


One of the most widely used note-taking programs is Evernote, and for a good reason! Evernote, a leader in the field, has developed a user-friendly system. Intuitive note-taking platform stuffed with helpful features that will appeal to most note-takers—processing handwritten notes and clipping articles from the web. 

Evernote is the best option for people who work on several devices throughout the week. Moreover, scanning material from your mobile device is excellent for this cross-platform tool. To record voice notes and create reminders to review them, you can even incorporate Siri since it allows you to work from any place because your notes will sync across all of your devices.

3. Notion


Notion offers a database-driven note-taking app experience, which sets it apart from many other note-taking applications on our list. The idea is more than simply a note-taking tool for many users; it’s also a team and individual productivity hub.

With project management tools like Kanban boards, tables, and lists, Notion users may design unique private or shared workspaces and adapt the workflow. The page refers to any document or note on Notion. These adaptable, customizable pages are simple to create intro templates that may be used repeatedly.

4. ProofHub

Best Note-Taking Apps For Mac-ProofHub

ProofHub is much more of an all-in-one project management. Also, team communication software with note-taking is one of its major functionalities, rather than just one of those common note-taking applications or a straightforward file management system. The ProofHub Notes function is simple and ideal for noting every important project-related information.

You may save your thoughts and keep a record of your daily meeting minutes. The ability to immediately share your notes with others. Even allowing them to make additions is one of the finest features of ProofHub. You can easily generate messages for nearly anything using ProofHub. Each note may be given a distinct colour to help you identify it.

5. Bit.ai


A bit is a cutting-edge cloud-based document collaboration platform ideal for writing documents and taking notes. It can accommodate the movement of your notes, collaborative documents, and published work. To keep your notes and records organized on Bit, you can build workspaces around projects, teams, and departments. Because these workspaces are flexible, your organization’s workflow.

Using Bit’s simple, minimalist editor, you can easily arrange your notes by including headings, footers, checklists, numbered lists, and more. You can also add photographs, spreadsheets, movies, GIFs, and more to your notes. It helps to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Bit will undoubtedly provide you with a unique note-taking and documentation experience.

6. Nifty


Automating progress when activities are finished makes setting objectives and deadlines simple. Thanks to Nifty, you can eliminate hopping between conversations, tasks, documents, calendars, and meeting tools. You can now organize your employees and clients into one straightforward, effective software.

You can effortlessly balance responsibilities by using automatic progress reporting for all of your projects—also, team activities to maintain operational clarity. You may also make documents and notes for your projects that you can share with anybody. Google Docs is also directly integrated by Nifty.

7. ClickUp

Best Note-Taking Apps For Mac-ClickUp

The project management tool ClickUp was created to boost productivity. You may transform any notion into an action item using its Notepad function. Keep your notes structured for when you need them later. Use rich text editing to personalize them or a checklist to keep track of your to-dos.

Access ClickUp’s Whiteboards, Dashboards, Goals, custom workflows, time tracking, conversations, and much more by clicking any note to turn it into a task. ClickUp Docs are available if your notes ever grow to be too lengthy. Docs are excellent for individual usage or group collaboration and may be tailored to your needs.

8. Typora


The tool on this list that is genuinely unique is Typora. You may write well-organized notes with this straightforward note-taking tool, which turns out just how you want it to. The software platform in question features an active HTML editor. It assists you in effortlessly formatting your content as you type.

Keeping track of your headlines, subheadings, titles, and the outline might help you make a table of contents. Therefore, Typora is the way to go if you’re seeking a tool to assist you in writing notes. They are as thorough and well-organized as they can be.


One of the most frequent demands of both individuals and teams is taking notes. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of note-taking applications on the market. For a good reason, the applications featured in this article are regarded as the greatest note-taking apps. Look carefully through these applications to determine which tools will be most effective for you and your staff.

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